hana to yume is a shoujo manga "phonebook" that is published by hakusensha. target age is usually middle school/junior high students. it's mostly known for its "anything goes" story plots.. hakusensha selects stories that portray "individuality" to be featured in hana to yume.. it comes out twice a month and yes, it does carry furoku and zen-in offers. however, hakusensha has restricted zen-ins to japan residents only. so, really sorry, but no matter how much you want those really nice cards (i know i do), can't get them unless you live in japan or you know somebody who lives there. <sigh>

hana to yume also has sister magazines, for the same target age, namely hana to yume step, hana to yume planet, za hana to yume, and bessatsu hana to yume. also carried under the hana to yume tankubon label are lala and lala dx. of these, the more familiar one is lala, which runs tsuda masami's kareshi kanojo no jijou and many of shimizu reiko's works.

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