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Hakusensha OFFICIAL Site
Ahh... the wonderful company that produces Hana to Yume.... :)

Hana to Yume Mailing List on Yahoogroups
Looking for other fans to discuss HtY with? ;)

Hitsuji no Yume
A site focusing on stories running in Hana to Yume~ Featuring summaries and wallpapers~

Nakajou Hisaya's Official Site

Yamada Nanpei's Official Site

PARIPARI Marimochi
Ragawa Marimo's Official Site

Kuryugumi's Tribute to Tokyo Crazy Paradise
The best TCP page online, complete in about every single piece of information you'd possibly look for.. Yuki has translated every single chapter to date..

Jen's Shrine to PSME
Random Please Save My Earth translations... and some online manga..

Ohsaka Gakuen: a hanakimi webpage
What else to say? Great page on Hanazakiri no Kimi-tachi he (For You in Full Blossom), serialized on the bi-monthly Hana to Yume. Nice layout, great artwork, and great job keeping up with all those characters.. ^^; Translations also available.

W Juliet
Comprehensive W Juliet site.

Crazy for WJuliet
Fan-interactive page for the Hakusensha series, WJuliet. Sorry, Japanese only.. ^^;

Reiko Shimizu's World by zephireth
A page dedicated to Reiko Shimizu's manga: Jack&Elena, Moon Child, and Kaguya Hime... Find out more about her intriguing sci-fi shoujo stories..

Yami no Matsuei on
Informative page with translations, as well... :)

PRISMS: The Ultimate Manga Guide
One of the biggest listings of manga ever published in Japan... not exactly complete, but has more than enough titles to make you think it's complete. :)

Mochizuki Karin's Room
On Mochizuki-sensei's works and other pages... ^^

mokkano hakoniwa
fuzulina's page on Mochizuki Karin-sensei's works.... good synopses on all of her manga, too.. seems to be regularly updated..

Hidaka Banri fansite... lots of great fanart! (Japanese)

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