old layouts

here's me, playing around with what the heck i should do for an index page... oh, well.. what do you think? am I getting anywhere? or am i getting worse? ^^; shots are viewed through 1024x768 screen, hitting F11. you can click on the layout to go to the page if you're really bored... ^^;

dear mine
current layout... a little drab, I know... *sigh* but it looks ok enough.. ^^; and it's pretty clean....

hanazakari no kimitachi he
this is when I was thinking of using the calendar for layouts... but there's no way for me to control your browser size without that pop-up that people don't like too much.. well, at least it got to me... ^^; i thought it was really pretty, though... but looks and convenience should go hand in hand in a webpage, ne?

ohoshisama ni onegai!
actually i thought this one was pretty cute... ^^ with her, pointing towards the title, it was just perfect... i really do like simple layouts.. ^^ but it was time for a change, too... used that layering, too, so when you hover over the link, a description comes up... space saver... ^^

hana to yume
hrm... i actually put up this page within a few hours of deciding to do it... so i started out with something simple... that big gigantic flower.. it worked pretty well for a "flowers and dreams" page.. ^^;

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