welcome to the hana to yume collective page! basically, this page was created out of envy for all the ribon collective pages... lol. just kidding. but i'm actually hoping that it will serve the same purpose of informing manga readers about just how great this is. :) hana to yume is a phonebook that runs under hakusensha and comes out twice a month. it is mostly known for its "anything goes" plotlines. in this year's run, there are about 4 or 5 steady series with gender-confused stories. ^^; sister magazines include bessatsu hana to yume (would that make it betsuha? ^^ ), za hana to yume, hana to yume step, and lala. bessatsu and lala are pretty constant, coming out once a month. i really have no information about za and step. so if you do, i'd really appreciate it. :) incidentally, tankubons to stories that run in all of magazines come out under the label "hana to yume comics". stories are mostly aimed towards junior high students, and mostly have furigana. but there are quite a few without.

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