ARAKURE by fujiwara kiyo

wakamura sachie is a high school girl... who had just become orphaned. with her mother passing away, she really wasn't sure where she was going to go or what's going to happen to her. until, unexpectedly, a man claiming to be her grandfather shows up... a man who turns out to be the head of a yakuza group. sachie is scared among the sea of rough-looking men, and is relieved to find a normal-looking guy her age... who she ends up thinking is the strangest one of them all. igarashi rakuto is the student body president and most popular guy in sachie's new school. he is also the normal-looking member of the yakuza group, who swears to protect her with his life. this story is about sachie, her newfound family, her school life with igarashi, and the attempts to keep her yakuza family secret.

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