boku wo tsutsumu tsuki no hikari by hiwatari saki

this is the second generation story, following "boku no chikyuu wo mamotte" / "please save my earth" ("bokutama"). kobayashi ren is a 7-year-old boy who has grown up, knowing that his parents have extraordinary powers. his dad can float in mid-air, and his mom can make things grow with her singing. that must mean he has special powers, too, right!? he just has to figure out what they are... because of this, some fairly innocent mischief arises as he tries to discover his powers with his friends: kachiko, kaputsun, and nobuyuki... while being protected by his "guardian angels" (shion and mokuren)...

as an added thought: it really is quite a cute story. it doesn't have the serious undertone of psme.. but is filled more with the innocent curiosity of a young boy born into a special family.. although he only sees his parents as being just parents, he's going to be in for a big surprise when he learns more about their past.. which is where the story seems to be heading at this poinst. for fans of psme, it really is quite fun to see what the old characters are up to now.. and how the next generation might perceive them. :)

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