demon seiten (sacred) by itsuki natsumi

it was very much like a dream for rena to be able to go to finland for her honeymoon and watch the aurora as it spread across the sky. even more so, when, from the horizon, a herd of unicorns appeared, heading towards her tour group. as one of these unicorns transformed into one of her idol stars, she realizes that the rest of the group had disappeared... including her husband. the story starts 14 years later, past rena's death... when her 14-year-old daughters, rina and mona, are living with shinobu, a genius scientist who had taken them in after they were found wandering around canada, their only memory being that their mother had died. mona is the younger sister, determined to protect rina... though the two of them may be twins, they look far from it... because rina suffers from the "return syndrome", causing her body to age backwards, starting from when they were 12. now rina has the body of a 9-year-old, putting all of her faith on shinobu to find a cure to this sickness. but then, suddenly, out of nowhere, mika, the guy who had raised them with their mother appears.... a demon contained.... and what is this about a dragonslayer?

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