futsuu no ren'ai by konami shouko

narikawa kazui hates the fact that he keeps being mistaken for a girl. it was, perhaps, no surprise that a guy came up to him at the bus stop one day to ask him out on a date, but the creepy thing is that guy knew so much about him; is this guy a stalker!? no, the “guy” happens to be the new school doctor, ikeuchi akira, who happens to have memorized the names of all the students in his school… who, incidentally, also happens to be a woman. although freaked out by akira at first, kazui is touched and soon agrees to go out with akira, to start an ordinary love between a man and a woman. they are the same, after all… a guy mistaken for a girl, and a girl mistaken for a guy… or so he thinks at first… until he finds out that akira’s been taking male hormones. this kind of relationship can’t be ordinary, right?

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