omake no kobayashi-kun by morio masami

there's a new student in the high school, kobayashi yamato... and he makes an instant impact on the students of class 1-A... it turns out he's going to be one of four kobayashis in class... all unrelated. but he's actually delighted at the prospect. they would seem like family! again, everybody is shocked... but it doesn't take long for him to win over his class. yamato is cute, nice, lively, and friendly... unlike the other kobayashis, who seem to value their solitude.. sure, kobayashi chihiro can be friendly, but that guy is also sly as a fox... always laying traps for other people to fall through.. kobayashi kengo is as tough as they come, the cool, calm guy who can beat you into a bloody pulp.. and then there's the girl, kobayashi fubuki, the smart class representative, who also has a very short temper... but kobayashi yamato is on the job.. he's not going to let them get away from his circle of new friends.. and so he sets out on his impossible-seeming mission....

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