m to n no shouzou by tachibana higuchi

m is for mitsuru. n is for natsuhiko. or so you think when you look at the first chapter cover. because you see, mitsuru and natsuhiko both have secrets they don't want revealed. mitsuru is beautiful, graceful, admired by many, but a violent movement against her can get her...... quite forward, begging so sweetly for more... ^^; m is for masochistic, as natsuhiko finds out. the nice guy he is, natsuhiko promises to keep her secret, and help her keep it from everybody else as well. but as it turns out, he's got an equally bad problem. oh, it may not *sound* as bad, but the merest glimpse of his reflection sends him into a flying fit about how beautiful he is... he tries to hide it by wearing glasses in school, tripping over random objects at times, avoiding the girls' admiration of him, and the mirrors, in general. he gets his dose at his mirror shrine in his bedroom... because n is for narcissistic. with their powers combined (no, not captain planet), they hope to minimize their chances of being exposed.

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