sugar family by hagio akira

yuka’s mother died when she was still very young, leaving her with a father who doesn’t seem to know how to take care of himself, much less dependable… so she was really happy when her father married a woman who looked extremely capable. her days of minding somebody are over… until she finds out that the woman comes with a son, who is just as helpless as her dad is… and this son turns out to be a teacher in her high school… and has a gigantic sister complex. yuka can only be mean to him to tone him down. unfortunately, their parents left japan right after the wedding for their honeymoon, with no return date in sight.. so their marriage is still unregistered. yuka and taichi aren’t even legally siblings yet, and have started living together! with taichi’s popularity among students at school, it’s only thankful that they coincidentally have the last name so everybody thinks they’re real siblings.

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