switch by mochizuki karin

for the longest time, nakura kei has hated teachers, showing her contempt by not paying attention to lessons... spending her time gazing out the window or reading books, but only making faces when the teacher tries to reprimand her... regardless, she gets really good grades... basically, nakura kei is a lost cause... her reason for dislike: "they hated me first." ^^; one day, kei finds herself hiding behind a bookcase in the teacher's office when her friend kozue, in a fit of mischief, decides to write hirota-sensei a letter and hide to witness his reaction... but they've caught him at a particularly bad mood and when they're about to get caught in their hiding spot, a heavy box falls upon the teacher... fearing punishment, the two girls continue through classes in nervousness... but it never comes... as hirota pretends not to know who could have caused him the injury... when he asks her about her reasons for antagonizing teachers, though, she answers truthfully.... and he laughs at her... ^^; explaining that teachers don't really hate her... when he helps kei with kozue's problem, showing great understanding, kei's perceptions about teachers... particularly hirota-sensei.... changes.

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