tsuki no ko by shimizu reiko

a sci-fi take-off from hans christian andersen’s the little mermaid. towards the end of the story, the little mermaid, unable to kill her prince in exchange for her life, jumps into the sea and turns into foam. but according to this story, the god of the winds allows sheila, the little mermaid, to give birth to triplets on the moon first. background factors also include the ability of mermaids to live in the sea and in space, the ability of merpeople to walk upon the earth when they hit puberty, and some transsexual aspects inherent in certain species of fish (no, really… look it up on the encyclopedia sometime… there’s one species of fish that has this…)… because the little mermaid had broken her engagement with a mer-prince when she sought out her land-prince, trouble fell upon the sea.. but the merpeople believe that with a union between her child and the mer-prince’s child, they could perhaps achieve balance once again.. of her triplets, the youngest is designated as the one who will follow in her footsteps.. and because this is so, the other two of the trio will have to die. going up to the land one day, the youngest almost gets into a car accident and is taken in by a dancer in england.. he receives the name “benjamin” and as it seems he’s lost his memories, the dancer lets him stay for a while… unfortunately, the dancer doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into as unbeknownst to him, “benjamin” turns into a mute woman under the full moon, and “benjamin’s” intended fiancee has come to look for her...

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