updates, news, and notes [manga]

11.18.2005 Parfait Tic! Steps 84, 85, and 86 has been brought to you by Oceansportrait. :)

11.16.2005 Oceansportrait continues to release more translations of Parfait Tic! Step 83 is right this way.

10.15.2005 Parfait Tic! Steps 26, 27, 28, and 29 are now available, courtesy of Oceansportrait. :)

10.11.2005 Thanks to Oceansportrait for Parfait Tic! Step 20 and Step 22!

09.30.2005 Oceansportrait's translation of Parfait Tic! Step 19 is up!.

09.27.2005 Parfait Tic! Step 18 has been brought to us by Oceansportrait. Many thanks! :)

07.10.2005 karekano act 102 * kore hodo shiawase na jinsei [ha] nai has been translated and is now up.

05.02.2005 karekano act 101 * haru sangatsu has been translated and is now up. the summary for vampire knight 1 has been transferred from the messageboard to be part of the list.

02.25.2005 having been excited by the newest karekano chapter after picking up my lala 03/05 today, i actually sat down and translated the chapter. it was fairly short but cute. i had expected asapin's story to be darker somehow, but i guess you really can't drag that out with 4 more chapters to go. ^^;; in any case, here is act 99 * the story that can't be told. Enjoy reading it along with the manga~ XD (disclaimer: i have not translated anything in about a year, so let me know if you find mistakes =p)

09.02.2004 please forgive the broken links after 2004. i've moved to just having one file for the updates for all of the manga pages and just forcing SSI so they conform to the specific pages' layouts. all of the 9/1 updates links are good... we'll see what kind of a need there is for updating the rest. :)

09.01.2004 i don't know if it's as painfully obvious to anyone else as it is to me, but 2 years have passed by since i last logged into here. XD of all of the pages listed under my manga stuff, this is the last one to go up. (for some reason, the updates page is always one of the last ones to go live whenever i do a total overhaul). i know that the pages have fallen into disuse over the last year or so due to the inherent bustle of school life and scrounging for a job... not to mention the really tiring worse-than-blah layouts.. hopefully, these are better, and i'll be good enough to plug in an update or two every so often. i still welcome contributions [properly-credited] and comments. the layout to playing with words was updated late in 2003. the layout to hana to yume collective was updated late august 2004. ohoshisama ni onegai! went back up after a long downtime when i decided that i wasn't going to do a layout overhaul for it... because there was no need. the ohoshi page will remain where it is for informational purposes, and maybe someday i'll start "updating" it again. the depths of loneliness also went back up without changes, because i didn't find it necessary. the messageboard is once again manned by me. :) the actual page updates are as follows:

the depths of loneliness
tankubon info
playing with words:
tenshi no sumu heya translation
hana to yume collective
title update of running series for hana to yume and its sister magazines
skip beat! synopsis
demon seiten (sacred) synopsis
oniichan to issho synopsis
rakuen RUUTO synopsis

08.22.04 after about a year of being down, the hana to yume collective has fallen slightly behind. sumimasen~ info will be updated soon. :)

07.09.2002 I actually don't get my LaLa for at least another week, but melz has been so wonderful as to provide me with a copy. ^^ and rushing me straight into sadness as well because of the devastation in Act 69 * His Sonnet.

06.22.2002 Mucho thanks to melz for putting in the descriptions that's going to make a very important chapter such as Act 68 * PANDORA more comprehensible for those who haven't gotten this chapter in hand yet~

06.21.2002 Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be getting better with my translations, this one seems to be kinda awkward.. But there are always some things that get hard for me to express at times. This time, I worked on a short story by Tsukuba Sakura, Mekakushi no Kuni mangaka: Birthday Present.

06.18.2002 Aaaaaaand I copy over what I said in the KareKano updates page: "Act 66 * Tear is here! And very very very soon, Act 68 will be, too. ^^ I'm having it edited cuz that one's such a juicy chapter, I wanted to make sure that you can "see" what's going on. ^^" heehee. And ONE MORE THING! I forgot to tell you that Fiona's translation of Never Give Up! 6 is up!!!! Enjoy. ^^

06.09.2002 Okay.. So I'm supposed to be studying for a final and writing a paper... =_= but I didn't wannaaaaaaa!! So um... here.. Posted Act 67... Heb phun.. Wish me luck! XD

05.16.02 Whoo-hoo! Fiona's translation of Never Give Up! 5 is out! p

05.05.02 After ages worth of no updates, I've finished Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 8 translation. Enjoy. ^^ (I'll probably work on 7 when i get my hands on it at home.. =_= I've made a bit of progress upon a few small minutes of free time between studying at home.. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of that at work.. =p)

03.24.02 Whoa.. I was about to go to sleep, when guess what I got in my mailbox? Fiona's translation of Never Give Up! 4.. o.O Talk about dedicated. heehee. Anywayz, it's up and available for your perusal. Now it's time for me to sleep so I can wake up bright and ready to do spring cleaning... ~_~;; 4:30am and off to bed~

03.21.02 Wow. Just moving right along. ^^ A revision of Never Give Up! 2 and the translation for Never Give Up! 3 is now up! Brought to you by Fiona. ^^

03.09.2002 Yay! Fiona's decided to translate Never Give Up! 2 and beyond. Make sure to send profuse thanks and mucho labu-labu, ne. ;)

02.17.2002 I've already written my reasons for not being too attentive in the KareKano Updates. But just thought I should tell you that Act 64 has been translated and is ready for viewing.

11.01.2001 (Since I'm too lazy to type at 1:30am.. and honestly, I'm already dizzy... this is going to be a cut and paste from the KareKano updates page.. the translation related info, that is). Well, now that I've moved domains, I guess I can make some updates again.. Not too expect too much, though.. The School of Business is keeping me extremely busy... ^^; Anyway, last month's translation was sent in an email to all members of both Yahoo! KareKano mailing lists, and did not go up on my page considering NBCI was restricting us from altering our files on the ftp. And so we have Act 59 and Act 60 up for viewing. And the mystery of the missing chapter has been solved. As it turns out KareKano Special Arc * Rika-chan's Life has been turned into Act 58, according to Volume 12 of the tankubon. Beware of the last two pages of Act 60, it's a bit uneasy... -_-

08.29.2001 I'm sorry it's been a while since the last update, but life hasn't been very good to me... -.- Anyway, decided to lay some time aside and translate something. ^^ It doesn't help that technicalities get in the way again and crash as soon as I finish, but at least this one didn't take too long to recover.... :P Akume de Sourou Chapter 32.

07.09.2001 Back from AX2001 where I got Watase-sensei's autograph! Kyaaaa! ^^; Anywayz, what do I find on my mailbox waiting for me when I get back is (among the 200+ messages XD) melz's scans of the latest karekano chapter. Needless to say, KareKano Act 57 is up.

07.03.2001 Yet another long time.... <sigh> I'm getting busier and busier by the moment, so sorry for the miniscule updates every month... Got Parfait Tic Step 26 this time... Not as happy with the trans, but it works... (I understood it perfectly, but I'm not sure you will...)

06.15.2001 Me not been uppity lately... but KareKano Act 56 is up.

06.10.2001 Long time, no update. Sorry about that. I really hadn't meant to, but the last month has been hell on earth. And it doesn't look like I'm gonna have more free time over summer. I'm hoping to keep this up, though. Anywayz, to kick off summer, there's new synopses for Kedamono Damono, Smile!, M to N no Shouzou, and Osero..

05.16.2001 Whoo-hoo! Got my LaLa a week early... KareKano Act 55 is up. :)

05.14.2001 Sorry not as many updates lately. I've got lots and lots of work to do... Anywayz, I updated the ISBN information page last weekend... I just have to update the Hakusensha and Shogakukan manga I have now... ^^ (Can you believe I have even more manga? ^^; )... I've also started an online journal... ^^; Find me rambling about random topics there... ^^; Anyway, wanted to tell you that Parfait Tic Step 24 has been translated and is now up....

05.07.2001 Finally added synopses to Tsuki no Ko (Moon Child) by Shimizu Reiko and Dear Mine by Shigeru Takao to core list as well as pics to some of the series...

05.05.2001 It's Cinco de Mayo and what'd I do? ... Well, a lot of busy things you don't need to be bored by actually... But I've got Parfait Tic Step 23 up...

05.02.2001 Coming back from Sakuracon 2001 from this weekend, I am once again swamped with homework.... But I've found time to randomize again... ^^; This time it's Akuma de Sourou Chapter 28, the May 2001 Chapter from Betsuma.

04.22.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Act - is now up and ready for viewing, wrapping up the 3-book series! Yay! I actually finished something! ^^;

04.21.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Act 15 is now up and ready for viewing. (Epilogue/Act - left to go! Yosh!)

04.18.2001 After midterms and papers and all the like, I've found time to waste (once more, the night before a test), and KareKano Act 54 is now up... By the way the KareKano Special Arc * Rika-chan's Life chapter has been renamed.

04.11.2001 KareKano Special Arc * Rika-chan's Life is up... Act 54 from the same issue will follow later on... Should get to doing homework... ^^; Thanks to melz for giving me a slight advance on this chapter... ^^

04.07.2001 Edited the parts about "okame inko" near the beginning of Parfait Tic! Step 21... ^^ To see a pic of an okame inko, click here! ^^ Also, Kagen no Tsuki Act 13 is up and ready for viewing.

04.05.2001 *blink* Wow... I've gotten quite a few e-mails this week.... on Ohoshisama ni Onegai!, Kiss ha Naishou ni, Kagen no Tsuki, Parfait Tic!, and KareKano... KareKano, as you know, is still going on... Parfait Tic! is on a "we'll see" status... Kagen no Tsuki is taking high priority... I didn't think anybody was really reading Kiss ha Naishou ni.. ^^; and Ohoshisama has taken the back burner for a while... but I'll get back to it... I just had to diversify for a while.. In any case, I've got Kagen no Tsuki Act 14 up... But be forewarned... Act 13 is not complete yet, and so I didn't include Act 13 at all for this posting... but I wouldn't recommend it until you've read the others... This is just for the ones who are impatient but want the background... (Or the ones who've read up to Act 13 summaries from Lijaka's Site, and therefore don't care as much about spoilers... ^^; ) Anywayz, just wanted to let you know.. And thanks for the messages! ^^

03.31.2001 Hm... After a month long of no translation peeps from me (well, besides KareKano), I finally came up with something... ^^; Even though I said I would just be posting random summaries of Parfait Tic!, I ended up translating Step 21 just because.... it was too good... You have to see it... Get a copy of Margaret 7! ^^;

03.23.2001 With lack of updates from me (gomen), seems other people have been busy. :) And because of that, we are so ever thankful to TamakiKM for translating the second chapter of Basara #25, that's the LAST chapter, folks! Anywayz, without further ado, here's The Last Episode ~Eternity~ Leaving only the Flames Behind. By the way, "Purple Blue" has been replaced with "Aubergine" to name the last chapters of Basara. ^^

03.16.2001 KareKano Act 53 is now up and ready for viewing. ^^

03.15.2001 Welp. Finals over... ^^ Hopefully, I can continue on with my translations and have more varied updates... Anywayz, I've put up a messageboard if anybody wants to post anything... it's unrestricted within the bounds of anime and manga... ^^ Anywayz! I'm sorry I've neglected hana to yume collective a bit... I've changed the layout to Dear Mine. It's a little drab, I know, but it works well enough. ^^; New summaries up for Dear Mine and Switch. I've also created a separate links page that's specific only to hana to yume label, but there's a link back to my main manga links page. Hmmmm... I think that's it for now... (By the way, did you guys know there's going to be a huan zhu ge ge part 3 starting to film this august 2001? ^^ yay!)

02.26.2001 Ohisashiburi desu ne? Sorry about that... Life is a little busy right now, so I'm going to be off and on for the next month... Anyway, Kagen no Tsuki Acts 11-12 is now available under "volume 3" translations.. Enjoy.

02.20.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Act 10 is now up, which wraps up the 2nd book. ^^

02.19.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Acts 8-9 available under the same file. See yah after midterms.. or maybe even a little earlier than that... ^^

02.18.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Act 7 available under the same file. :) Been really busy and still am, sorry. So this is going to take a little longer...

02.15.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Act 6 is now available under the "volume 2" translations.. Ahh... Midterms tomorrow... Benkyou benkyou!

02.14.2000 With my second Accounting midterm over, I feel like dying... -_- The only consolation I get for today is that I got my subscriptions today.. (although Sho-comi and Margaret are skipping this week).. Anyway, KareKano Act 52 is now up... Really short, btw.. Pretty sad, too... -_- I need to find me some happy stories....

02.12.2001 Kagen no Tsuki Acts 4-5 are available in the same file. That's a wrap for the first tankubon. ^^

02.11.2001 Translations to Kagen no Tsuki Acts 1-3 by Yazawa Ai are up! :) Just picked up this story yesterday, and I love it! (Must get the rest! Must get the rest! At least there's only 3 this time...)

02.10.2001 The Basara bangaihen for tankubon 16 is done: Extra Chapter . The Night Before the Alliance.

02.09.2001 Finally got it done.. Don't know why I couldn't do it earlier.. ^^; Here's the third part to the 16th book of Basara: Amber Chapter 5 . To Narugo. (And you know the fourth part's already up)

02.09.2001 Translation to Mariappoino! Mission 2 is up!

02.07.2001 Due to language difficulties, I have to skip one chapter in Basara for just a little while.. (Honorific language is pretty hard.. ^^; ) For now, here's Amber Chapter 6 . Mother.

02.07.2001 Sorry, not going to be too much from me for a bit, cuz my friend's upstate for a vist. (Yay!) But it doesn't look like anything's going to be slowing down too much. :) TamakiKM has kindly translated the first chapter of the 25th tankubon of Basara for us: Final Chapter - Purple Blue - A Glorious Death... (Another YAY! And big THANK YOU!) By the way, considering that it is the last chapter... Spoiler warnings apply.

02.04.2001 EEP! I was just thinking about starting off the next chapter of Basara, but I actually just finished it... ^^; Umm.. here's the next chapter then: Amber Chapter 4 . Wild Animal

02.04.2001 Okiedoke. Got Mariappoino! Mission 1 translated, as well as Amber Chapter 3 . Friends for Basara. :)

02.04.2001 Things are going to be a bit slow, picked up 6 tankubons this week (which is not unusual), but at the same time, picked up 8 phonebooks.. as well as an English novel (the first English book I've picked up since Harry Potter last August.. ^^; But it was an Eddings book! had to have it!!).. Anywayz, translation for Takeuchi Masami's new story, Kiss ha Naisho ni Chapter 2, is now up.

01.30.2001 Actually working on the first chapter of another story, which I won't announce 'til I'm done, but I just thought I'd post this: Page 40 in the Basara 2 Illustrations... Depending on my schedule, I'm probably going to be working on it, on and off... It's essentially the first page to the "Basara Encyclopedia" in the aforementioned book.

01.28.2001 Revisions to KareKano Act 44 is complete! Sorry for the misunderstandings earlier... ^^;

01.24.2001 After a long break into Basara, here's Frog Prince Number 3 translation. By the way, that wraps up the story, since there's really only 3 chapters to it..

01.20.2001 The fourth chapter to the 15th tankubon of Basara is up: Amber Chapter 2 . The Remaining Chrysanthemum.

01.18.2001 The third chapter to the 15th tankubon of Basara is up: Amber Chapter 1 . Asleep. There were a few screwy sentences in it, though.. I'm open to suggestions.. ^^;

01.17.2001 The second chapter to the 15th tankubon of Basara is up: Crimson Chapter 9 . That Future is Unknown. (Even though I should have been doing my homework instead... ^^; )

01.16.2001 The first chapter to the 15th tankubon of Basara is up: Crimson Chapter 8 . Talent.

01.14.2001 Translation for Takeuchi Masami's new story, Kiss ha Naisho ni Chapter 1, is now up.

01.13.2001 Just realized that I've linked my "a short thought and isbn info" links in the hana to yume collective wrong.. Anywayz, Kiss now has a preview pic.. :) Currently working on various translations, but being delayed by 48-hour drama series that I can't understand a word of (huan zhu ge ge).... ^^;

01.10.2001 KareKano Act 51 synopsis now up! Enjoy! :)

01.06.2001 Checked horoscope today.. Said "Get back to a writing project that you started a while ago. Perhaps you were inspired to start a travel journal, a poem, a song, or a web page. Pick up where you left off and follow through with your initial goals. At first you may think that what you are doing isn't that interesting or exciting, but after the project is completed, you will find that other people are incredibly inspired by what you have created. Gird up your loins and go to it!" Pretty good indication, huh? ^^ Anywayz, put up synopsis for Kiss last night. Updated ISBN information for Hana to Yume titles. Just realized I'd gotten a lot of manga since my last update.. ^^; (I've got about 400 total now.. ^^; )

01.01.2001 Hana to Yume Collective is up again, as promised, with the new layout. :) The theme for the menu background is Hanazakiri no Kimitachi he, as follows the Hana to Yume Calendar. :) Maybe I should follow the calendar and do a monthly theme? What do you think? ;)

12.28.2000 I was really getting nervous there... I couldn't log in to xoom/nbci for a while.. I was just thinking, "Oh, no.. First it was Crosswinds, and now Xoom!? Uragirimono!!" But thank goodness, it was working again after 20 minutes.. I was starting to regret not loading it before I went to sleep.. but since I got my subscriptions 4 days early, here's Frog Prince Number 2 translation. Enjoy! :) (Geez, that girl spends a lot of time switching back and forth from being wide-eyed to smiling happily.)

12.26.2000 Finally put up synopsis for Power!!. To add to that, I also put in the Chapter 1 summary for aforementioned story. :)

12.25.2000 Forgot to mention it, but about a third to a half of the synopsis/review pages are finished reformatting. All synopses are up, but the remaining work is mostly pictures and changing the color to the ISBN page. I've decided to put in summaries to some stories that I'd love to do but have no time to translate at the moment in playing with words. Parfait Tic Step 15 summary is now up. :)

12.24.2000 I just found this story in Margaret.. And it reminded me so much of KareKano for some reason... which you'll find out if you read it... ^^; It just came out in Margaret Volume 24... Kaeru no Ousama Number 1 translation is now up.. By the way, "Kaeru no Ousama" means "Frog Prince"... which seems to be pretty fitting.. ^^; Ah.. One more week to find out which direction the story's heading towards.... And one more week to see how everybody will react to that outburst by Aki-nii in Ohoshisama ni Onegai!.

12.23.2000 It's 4:00 in the morning.. I'm going home in 10 minutes, but guess what I have for you? Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 35 translation. :)

12.22.2000 KareKano Act 35 now with descriptions, thanks to melz! The revised manga review pages are almost done and will be up soon. Thanks.

12.19.2000 Put up new layout... for the translations as well as the manga page (whose navigation I reunited with the anime navigation) Been playing with Java (even though I know a lot of you hate Java... but I couldn't help it! I like being able to control your settings.. heh heh.. Just kidding.. Just want to make sure we all see the same pretty picture is all.. ^^ ) I swear... the links took over 100x more time to fix than the actual pages themselves... (seriously, no exaggeration)... (And this update is getting echoed in the anime updates page..)

12.16.2000 Loaded Intro page for Hana to Yume Collective and beginning translation to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 7.

12.15.2000 Okay, I'm a crazy nut... I changed another front page again.. ^^; This time, it's the Hana to Yume Collective, though... Much prettier, I think.. I really am not partial to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! but this was just the perfect picture.. ^^; Sorry I'm not going to be too quick on translations as life has suddenly become... difficult.. But I will still be working on them..

12.12.2000 Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 6 has been completed. :)

12.11.2000 Aiya! Why didn't somebody tell me they didn't totally understand the translation for KareKano Act 44 sooner? Tsk, tsk.. I don't bite.. ^^; It's a good thing one person asked so I could put out the question on the mailing lists.. Thanks, Lillian Dream, for pointing out the problem! As of now, it has been taken down for major revisions.. Found about 5 pages that need fixing.. ^^; It should be up by the end of the week.. Thanks for your patience.. :) Umm... since I already started on it, the beginning translation to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 6 is up, with about 10+ more pages to go.. That should wrap it up for the first book.. ^^ Yay! My first finished book! ^^;

12.10.2000 Somebody asked me before, and I can't remember who it was (lost the e-mail, sorry ^^; ) but I've now put up html versions of the Ohoshisama ni Onegai! translations.. I've just added a <pre> tag on them, though.. By the way, Chapter 5 is now available.. Also realized that I had Betsufure as running in Kadokawa, instead of Kodansha in the monthly phonebooks page. Sorry about that.. ^^; Moved Shuui-chan's translation to another folder, and fixed links accordingly.. And Rebecca's letting me post her Sekai de Ichiban DaiKirai translations! Yay! Thanks! Chapter 1 is now up. :) Hrm... disturbingly enough, I logged on to Yahoo! today, and the first thing I see is my horoscope... "You need recognition for your creative projects. The people who should give you pats on the back, however, may take the credit for themselves. If you discover that you're not being accorded the honor you're due, you could be devastated. Take what you can get and use your fine mind to analyze the situation and your insecurities. Give yourself the rewards you deserve and be thankful for the little acknowledgment you may get." Interesting....

12.09.2000 Fixed translation to Love Melody again... ^^; Also put in beginning translation for Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 5.

12.07.2000 Added translation to KareKano Act 44.

12.05.2000 Added translation to the second part of KareKano Act 42 since Chas didn't finish it, and somebody was wondering about it.. ^^

12.02.2000 Added synopsis for Missing Piece and Mars.

11.28.2000 Finished Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 4 translation. :)

11.27.2000 After fixing a major mishap, I can now load the KareKano Act 35 translation (basically, I just finished translating it when my computer suddenly froze... and I realized I didn't save it.. and it wasn't recoverable.. x_x At least the content was light enough for me to do it all over again.. :P ) and the beginning part of the Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 4 translation.

11.23.2000 Fixed layout for Ohoshisama ni Onegai! page. I thought that not having the borders showing up on Netscape was just a glitch.. I forgot that Netscape doesn't read backgrounds when there isn't content in the area... -_- And because it's not just my translations on the page anymore, I've redone the welcoming message, as well as, gotten ride of the rotten sticker-looking heading on Playing with Words. (There goes trying to change my whole page into blue.. ^^; )

11.22.2000 Added synopsis for Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo and pic peeks for Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai!, Tenshi Kinryoku, Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo for the Hana to Yume Collective.

11.22.2000 Uploaded Koucha Ouji Chapter 1 translation by Yoshino Shuui.

11.21.2000 Added in synopses for Koucha Ouji and Natural.

11.21.2000 KareKano Act 49 translation is up.

11.16.2000 Added synopsis for Hanazakiri no Kimitachi he.

11.15.2000 Today, I passed by Kinokuniya, to finally get to see the new place they've moved in to, anticipating all that manga... especially the new releases that they were probably withholding since they were scheduled to move anyway... As it turns out, the opening was delayed 'til Friday.. *sigh* Oh, well. Opened Hana to Yume Collective. Also added in synopsis for Angel Sanctuary.

11.14.2000 NEVER GIVE UP! Chapter 1 translation finished.

11.13.2000 Hmmm... I've been thinking about doing it for a while now, but didn't really have any push for it, but recently somebody made a request, so I've started it out (and added it to my list of pending projects.. ^^; ).. OH, what is it you ask? NEBAGIBA! Chapter 1 translation.

11.11.2000 Wow.. Actually finished KareKano Act 45 translation today. Well, it's up and ready to view. :)

11.11.2000 Added synopses to Sekai de Ichiban DaiKirai and Sekai ha Minna Boku no tame. By the way, I posted the KareKano ACT ZERO translation sometime last week. KareKano Act 45 is almost done, with about 3 pages left and random translations up above. Romaji will be finished first. Thanks to Trulee M. Lee for the cultural notes on ganguro. ISBN page updated for respective titles.

11.04.2000 KareKano Act Zero translation is up... And silly me has realized that I've erased my entry for the +1, Sho-comi Volume 21, 2000 translation that I finished... ~_~

11.01.2000 Put up a new batch of summaries for Akarui Kazoku Keikaku, Akarui Kazoku Keikaku (no that's not a typing error), Fushigi Yuugi, Hana Yori Dango, Hatsukoi CHALLENGER, and Omake no Kobayashi-kun. Also adding in summaries in Translations index for quick reference. ISBN page updated again to include new titles.. :)

10.16.2000 Guess what. Got translations for Akarui Kazoku Keikaku Chapter 48 and Hatsukoi CHALLENGER up. Check them out? :)

10.13.2000 Well.... It's Friday the 13th... Blood moon... and the Mariners just lost to the Yankees... Oh, wait, this is a manga update site, ne? ^^; Thanks to Jill Astley for her help with the images page... She scanned the hana to yume cover and chapter cover for the first Ohoshisama ni Onegai! chapter, as well as the cute pic of Chima from the scratch insert... Take a look in the images page. I also just got Volume 20 of Hana to Yume and there's another cute-cute color cover for Ohoshi... Will scan in later.. :) Wow, I never thought her uniform was yellow... ^^; A synopsis of Act 48 of KareKano has been posted..

10.07.2000 Wow... It only took me a week to type up a translation I finished a month ago... ^^; Can't really help it... 20 credits worth of classes and work right after that is keeping me *very* busy.... Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 3 is now complete and ready for viewing. Also fixed a few errors in Chapter 29. In other news, it looks like Hakusensha's official KareKano site is being taken down... They *do* thank people for the numerous site hits they've received, but unfortunately they will have to take it down cuz they can't update it any longer, I think.. Too bad, though... :( By the way, the second BLUE WARS book is due out in November, yay! On a personal note, I can't believe I just subscribed to *both* LaLa and Margaret at the same time!! But I'm right in time to get the Tsubasa/Kazuma story, I think... *sigh* Oh, well... Should I go for Sho-comi next month? ^^; ISBN info page has again been updated...

10.01.2000 Added a few images to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! page... A couple of characters for reference, and a few color images.

09.17.2000 Finally put up the "Phonebook" aka Anthology page. Proud? :)

09.14.2000 Here I go again, fiddling with the background.. I seem to be getting into this trend of bordering everything... so most everything in the manga pages are tabled... and for the background, I just altered the shade again to the Anime background. Also the ISBN info page has been modified to include mangaka names.. The FAQ has also been updated with a short list of terms.

09.14.2000 Wow... A week since the last update.. Well, I put up summaries for BASARA and Tokimeki TONIGHT. I've also added a section in each summary for "Other works by the same mangaka" for reference and cross-reference. Updated ISBN information to complete Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte and to add some more to my acquisitions... By the way, the first volume of Imadoki! and HanaKimi 12 is now available in your local Kinokuniya! Coming out next week onto the shelves are Ohoshisama ni Onegai! and TOKYO CRAZY PARADISE... I won't always do this... but I'm really excited about everything that's coming out...

09.07.2000 Sorry, been slacking off.. Basically finished typing up the translation for Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 29 which was earlier marked as Volume 17, Year 2000. Translation for Chapter 3 is postponed, since I accidentally left my copy at a friend's house.. and she's not going to be back 'til the end of the month.. ^^; ISBN page updated to include Basara... one of my current favorites.. Even though the art style isn't really my taste, the plot is great! Added description for Imadoki!, BLUE WARS, and NEVER GIVE UP!.

08.30.2000 Updated ISBN page again. Put in synopses for X, NEVER GIVE UP!, and W JULIET.

08.25.2000 Uwaaaa--- I just actually finished Chapter 3 (I'll let you guess which manga ^^ ) but I somehow can't seem to upload and I'm gonna be gone over the weekend... ;_; Oh, well... Just thought I'd let you know it's ready and will be up as soon as I can get it in..

08.24.2000 Beginning translations to Ohoshisama ni Onegai Volume 17, 2000 Chapter. ISBN information updated (again) with some more Hana to Yume titles....

08.24.2000 Translation to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 2 is now available..

08.22.2000 Opened the Ohoshisama ni Onegai! page. Check it out!

08.21.2000 Put up translation to Ohoshisama ni Onegai! Chapter 1 as well as the beginning to Tokimeki Tonight Book 12, Chapter 5. I'm probably going to create an Ohoshisama ni Onegai! page really soon. :) Also updated ISBN info (again) for Bishoujo Senshi SAILORMOON. Also fixed titles info to say that Mixx rights to KareKano fell through.

08.17.2000 Updated ISBN information. (It always gets updated. ^^ ) Added intro pages for CardCaptor Sakura and Ohoshisama ni Onegai!.. By the way, I forgot to put them in, but the song translations for Kaikan PHRASE now have a kanji version in the Translations section: Datenshi no Jubaku and Sexual Suite, by Aine, and Love Melody, by Sakuya. In other news, romanization for Act 43 from the April 2000 LaLa is done... If you can help with what I've got left, then please e-mail me. I'm willing to type out the kanji for the missing parts for you if you need it...

08.12.2000 Updated the rest of ISBN iformation for Kaikan Phrase, with the exception of Volume 13. Translations of some of the song lyrics in the Kaikan PHRASE manga are up: Datenshi no Jubaku and Sexual Suite, by Aine, and Love Melody, by Sakuya.

08.10.2000 Changed the front page. View the old index page here. Added a separate page for Translations I've done. They're not all that great, but hey, I tried. :) Bare bones info pages for Ayashi no Ceres, Kaikan PHRASE, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, and Tokyo CRAZY PARADISE. ISBN info page has been updated.

07.30.2000 Added in Ayashi no Ceres and Tokyo Crazy Paradise ISBN's. Uploaded scans for TCP Volumes 3-4, to kick off TCP page. By the way, the KareKano Manga page has been updated with the August 2000 LaLa scans and a couple of translations.. For more details on KareKano updates, always refer to the KareKano Updates, News, and Notes.

07.15.2000 I actually finished the Memoir Girl translation on the 12th, but there are still some romaji left due to the fact that my time was up on the 14th (had to return it) and I was trying to add as much of the descriptions as I could before I could no longer see it.. On another note, the Act 47 translation for KareKano is now available.. That would be the August 2000 installment in LaLa. Tsuda-sensei will be releasing a yomikiri for the September issue... and a Tsubasa/Kazuma story will begin in the November issue. So I take it he's going to take a month off... Along with the more narrow prediction that the 10th tankubon should be coming out in September/October... Oh, yeah... I just found out that Tsuda Masami-sensei is a "he." And here I've been thinking that "he" was a "she." ^^;

07.11.2000 For one, I changed the title up there.. *points up* :) I didn't notice it said "anime" until now... And I updated the "Memoir Girl" translation... There's only very few pages left now.. maybe 6? I'll be done by the end of the week. :) Also added some more ISBN's... (Wai! I really want the complete set of PSME!! I hope they're still available somehow....)

07.09.2000 Uploaded the new manga page. *niko* I'll talk more tomorrow, cuz it's really late... :)

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