a girl, sick of her life full of sadness, wants to break away and rebuild her life. a guy playing a guitar in the streets, unnoticed by passersby. a night of the full moon, quiet and lonely. was it chance, fate, or purpose that led mochizuki mizuki to adam? but listening to his tunes seemed to give her comfort, and eventually all other things faded away for her as she remained listening to him. so when he asks her to stay with him, she readily accepts, regardless of her family. however, all things come to an end. and as adam is about to leave japan, he asks her to go with him. what else could she say but yes? and when she goes to the place where they first met to rendezvous with him, was it chance, fate, or purpose that led mochizuki mizuki to that car accident?

a little girl looking for her cat. a teenage girl staring emptily at a fence. but then hotaru's next awareness was of being in the hospital... walking through the streets to look for her cat again, she finds one that looks exactly like her cat and follows it to find the girl she met by the fence in an empty house. but it seems hotaru's the only who can see her... the girl seemed so lonely, and hotaru wants to help her out so much. so she and her three other friends set out to find what they can to help out this girl they call "eve", for she cannot even remember her own name.

kagen no tsuki is a 3-book (16-chapter) series by yazawa ai that ran in monthly ribon comics (shueisha).

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