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Sasahara Tomo. Born September 15. Virgo. Type O. 149 cm.
Sasahara Tomo is a first-year high school student, and only turning 16 at the beginning of the story. She is also an ex-tomboy who decided to have a fresh start as a girl... She used to lead all the boys in her neighborhood, while secretly wishing she could be more "girly"... but she was too embarassed to admit it after she had already built her reputation...Also nicknamed "Chima" by Akira and her classmates from her junior high.

Shimazaki Akira. Born July 7. Cancer. Type B. 185 cm.
Shimazaki Akira was Tomo's next-door neighbor and "older brother" until 5 years ago when he moved away. What a strange coincidence that they'd meet again when she moves to a new city and starts high school! And to top it off, as her class advisor.. But it seems Tomo doesn't know everything about him, including a family she barely knows anything about.. Also referred to as "Aki-nii" by Tomo and "Shima-chan" by some of his students. He is a Math teacher and advisor for the gardening club.

Kuze Mayumi. Born April 18. Aries. Type A. 165 cm.
The school physician, she is very close with Shimazaki-sensei. Rumor has it that they used to date while going to school together, even though she was his sempai. However they claim only to be constant companions and very good friends.

Tenkawa Yuuji. Libra.
The gardening club president. Very opinionated, he doesn't hesitate to bite back his words nor does he care about what other people have to say about him. He also happens to be very hardworking and at times, pretty playful... getting into "brotherly" fights with Akira... Seems like he looks up to Akira, following his love of flowers and smoking... x_x (ugh.. smoking..) Also referred to as Ten, by Akira.

Koba Kasumi. Born October 24. Scorpio. Type A. 158 cm.
One of Tomo's first friends, and it seems, best friend, in her new school. She's a pretty perky one, who's always concerned about Tomo's welfare.

Shino Kazuyo. Born January 16. Capricorn. Type AB. 164 cm.
A very quiet girl, almost sulky. She becomes friends with Tomo during their class camping trip.. Not a very fit girl, she had to slow down.. Tomo volunteers to help her complete the hike.

Kashima Tougo. Born May 10. Taurus. Type A. 162 cm.
Kashima-kun is the class committee representative (iinchou) for Tomo's class. Also a member of the kendou club. He's a really nice guy... who expresses an interest in Tomo.. Unfortunately, she already has feelings for someone else.

The new student body president.

Yuuki Keika.
Tenkawa's ex-girlfriend and president of the kendou club.

Tomo's first love interest. For him, she maintained the facade of liking her boyish habits.. because as a child, he had told her that she was better than the other girls the way she was, much easier to talk to. Later when she makes her confession, he rejects her.. because he only likes girls who act like girls..

Sasahara Tomohiro.
Tomo's father. He's very protective of his little "princess." And will go through any lengths to make sure she's safe.. including asking Akira to personally keep a close watch of his daughter and report any problems to him as soon as possible... although he doesn't usually wait for Akira to call him, himself.. ^^;

Sasahara Yukiko.
Tomo's mother. She seems to be the typical "motherly" type. I believe she's a working woman who has time to fulfill her duties as the lady of the house.. and fawn over her daughter. ^^