Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 3

* Back then, I don't think anybody could tell I was a girl at a glance.
* I was the leader (boss) of all the boys in the neiborhood.

* The saying "that looks like a boy" was like a reward for me.

* But I had a secret I never told anybody.


Page 4-5

Cover page


Page 6

> kyu (she snaps her fingers)

Tomo: Handkerchief, good
      Wallet, good

Tomo: I have my student card.

* This is Sasahara Tomo's new world.

Tomo: Everything's ready..

Tomo: I've been wanting thi-----s. *heart*
      A room like. this. *heart*
* But the truth is I've always hidden it.
  I really like it like this.


Page 7

* I think it was when I got to elementary school.
  'Til then I really hated them.. but really, I started to like "girly" things.
* But now, I'm embarassed... The many years I've acted like a boy won't disappear that quickly.

Teacher: Sasahara-san! You're a girl, aren't you!
         Fix your language! You're going to be a junior high student next year!
* 'Til then I thought it was ok, because I had an ally.
Ishikawa: Sasahara, don't worry about what sensei said.
Tomo: Ishikawa...

Ishikawa: You're not a girl inside, so you're best to talk to..
          You're fine just the way you are.
Tomo: Ok.


Page 8

* But 3 years after one of these happiest moments, this ally
  easily betrayed me.
Ishikawa: I don't hate you but
          if I'm gonna see somebody, I'd like one who acts like a girl---


Tomo: (fuhahaha) Stop thinking bad thoughts!
* ha
Mom: Tomo------ you're going to be late to your school entrance ceremony---!
Tomo: Yea-h!


Page 9

Mom: That's good. Clean up the stuff we moved in 'til the school entrance ceremony..
     but Tomo-chan, aren't you gonna go to the same high school as your old friends?

Tomo: It's ok. I'm glad to be in a new city.
* And

* And here, there won't be a single person who knows about me.
Mom: ?
* (Mom) Maa.. My daughter's burning...
* It's the perfect chance to fix my life from the start!!

?: But
* I've decided to "act the way I'm supposed to" in this new town.

Head teacher: To continue, we will introduce the teachers for each grade.
Tomo: (thought) If I think like that, then the school entrance ceremony is going to be really
      embarassing again..


Page 10

Other teachers: This is really tasteless---
                It's just regular flower and bonsai decorating.
* (snoring)
Tomo: ...
* (snoring)

She looks to her right.
* (snoring)
She looks to her left.
* (snoring)

Tomo: (thought) Th.. this is kind of uh....
* (snoring)
Girl: (thought) Well, now..

Teacher: Eh.. Next is 1st year section 4 (1-4)... isn't it..

Tomo: (thought) What? My class adviser is late?

Late teacher: I'm really late.


Page 11

Late teacher: Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Head teacher: A-- You're just in time.
              Well, let me say it over.. 1-4's class adviser Shimazaki Akira of the math dept.

Tomo: ~

Girl to the right: hanya?
Girl to the left: bu?

Mom: Ara ara..


Page 12

> KINKON KANKON (school bells)

Several girls pass by, talking..
: Shima-chan's ikebana performance was pretty good--
: I heard that Yomuin-san forgot to turn off the gym air con.
  Shima-chan's flowers are wilting so he's going to get new ones..
: He came in holding a boquet in his arms. In his 3 minutes, he got an applause for his
  fresh flowers.
: E- I wanted to see!

: Ok. 1-4's Shima-chan is in charge.
: I want to change. ["my class" probably]
Tomo: ch..
* (Tomo) If that's so, then I'll trade with you.

* Right away!!
Tomo: Sensei-- I've got the copies.

Late teacher (Akira): Hai
Akira: Thanks.


Page 13

Tomo: Excuse me!
Akira: Give those copies to each of the classes.
       Then we'll have tea.. Japanese tea is so cool..
[Don't ask me.. It's pretty random.. ^^; ]

Tomo: ~~~~

Akira: Oh yeah.. It's been a while since we've seen each other anyway, so...

Akira: I don't know what you're talking about.
Akira: Chi. ma. chan

Tomo: I'm telling you to stop calling me that!!

* That's right.. This guy's one of my so-called childhood friends.


Page 14

* 5 years ago, he suddenly moved away from our neighborhood.
* Being an only child, he was like a real brother to me.... In short

* As much as I hate it, he's someone who knows about my past.
Tomo: That's why having you as my adviser isn't going to be good!

Akira: I'm honored to receive your pleasure.
Tomo: IT IS NOT!

Akira: But I guess it's better than it used to be.. A long time ago, you used to follow me
       around, saying "Aki-nii Aki-nii".

* How nostalgic.
Akira: I always saved you from falling in the river when you used to drive around recklessly
       on your tricycle.
       And while you're making a scene, I'm cleaning up after you.


Page 15

Akira: Why?
> (BEAT)

Tomo: Eh!? 
      Th.. that's.....

Akira: Hm. So, it's a guy?

Tomo: .....

Akira: ..
Tomo: ~~~~ANYWAY
      I'm serious! Don't tell anyone!
> BYU (chucks the cup at him)

Akira: (thought) ..As unreasonable as ever.
> pashi (catching the can)


Page 16

* So that Chima and a love affair, huh..

* Chi-ma!

* (Tomo) When I grow up, I'm gonna be Ultraman.
* (Tomo) And then I'll always protect Aki-nii.

> PIPIPI PIPIPI(cell phone rings)

> PI
Akira: Yes.. Yeah..

Akira: Don't worry. I'm watching very closely.

Mom: But isn't it great? I'm happy that Akira-san's a teacher.


Page 17

Tomo: (thought) It's absolutely embarassing.

* There hasn't been anything I've hidden or stayed hidden from Aki-nii.
Akira: Your clothes ripped again?

Akira: What did you today? Climb a tree? Did you play in your secret base?
Tomo: I just fell.

Akira: ...Hmmm..
Akira: A. Oh, yeah. Do you eat chocolates?

Tomo: I do!

* Hah..
* Hands covered with splinters... covered with mud..
Akira: Put it out. Show me your hands.


Page 18

* Aki-nii would then have this smile, like he won..
* It's annoying, but lovely...
Tomo: (present:thought) It's not like that!

* At any rate, he's had good insight for a long time..
* And much more..

* And he can see so much more through things like these..
Tomo: (thought) It was such a perfect cover, too.
* I should throw away this postcard.
[The postcard is her invitation to her junior high class reunion.]

* Why don't I throw it away?
* unya
Koba (the girl who fell asleep on her right): Ara.. Do you have a class reunion?
> BIKU (surprise)

Tomo: Huuuu-uuuuuh? Koba-san! You're still here?
Koba: You can just call me Koba.. I was looking at some magazines in the library.


Page 19

Koba: But isn't it really hasty?
Tomo: ... yeah. Hey. Since I'm the only one who moved away and separated from them, I'd look
      like I'm worried.

Koba: Heeeh.. It's really popular..
Tomo: Ahaha.. It's not like that.

Tomo: Everyone likes to get together and make merry. Not me.
Koba: Ahaha.. But shouldn't we go?

Tomo: E


Page 20

Tomo: Y.. yeah..
Koba: What? Is there someone you don't want to run into?

Tomo: EEEE!?

Tomo: No--! It's not like that!
Akira: (thought) She's always so easy to figure out..

: It's really far.
: Where is it?
Akira: ...
* (Tomo) I didn't want to see him now all of a sudden.

* (Tomo) But it's too bad it's gonna look like I'm avoiding him.
  ..And, I couldn't throw the postcard away.

Akira: Ok. Next. Double-sided copy. A thousand sheets.


Page 21

* (Tomo) Why is he bugging me!?
Tomo: AHH! Is it alright for a teacher to seem like he's threatening a student, even for just
      a little while!?
Akira: Eh? I only asked, didn't I? Isn't that just the way you see it?

Akira: Is there something dark about my back? [since she's glaring at him]
> RRO (teeth grinding?)

Tomo: (squeaking, trying to hold her anger)
Akira: Would you warm tea afterwards?

Akira: I'm done.
       Chima. My shoulders.

Tomo: What!? Your shoulders are like steel, Aki-nii!


Page 22

Akira: Finally, you call me that.

Akira: I was really looking forward to seeing you when I found your name on the class list.

* (Tomo) Aki-nii...
Tomo: I see..

Akira: I thought I might get to play and tease that roly-poly puppy..
* Not thinking about her feelings.
* (Tomo) Dog?

Tomo: ~~~~~~
> POKA POKA POKA (scratching his back)
Akira: Ahh.. That works..


Page 23

Akira: So which guy is it?
       The one who made you set on being more like a girl.

Tomo: I..

Tomo: IT'S NOT LIKE THAT! It has absolutely nothing to do with you! [her reason, she means]

Akira: I see-- A self-discovered interest.. But.

Akira: You should leave this guy who'd make you think you had to hide your past. I'm sorry.

Tomo: Wha...
Akira: It's not really even about your past..


Page 24

Akira: First, you're not the type to continue holding up a lie.
Akira: You should be yourself. Don't turn into someone else.

* (memory of Ishikawa's words) You should be yourself
Tomo: ...

Tomo: I had confessed!
Tomo: I confessed my feelings. But he told me no...


Page 25

Tomo: The truth is, I knew it. He liked girly girls.
* (Ishikawa) Hey, hey.. Isn't that girl cute?

Tomo: But.. I was embarassed.. and for it to come out like that after so long..
      But that's why..

* (Tomo) That's why.

* (Tomo) I thought I'd confess at the start.

* (Tomo) I thought I could change from then
* (Tomo) but it wasn't the right time. [to confess]


Page 26

* (Tomo) It wasn't the time for that love.

Akira: ... (remembers a time when she cried)


Akira: Cry as much as you want to.

Tomo: What! I'm fine!

Akira: Ma. This has something to do with it, too.


Page 27

Akira: I'm watching you, so become a good woman.

Tomo: .....
* (Tomo) ...to him

Tomo: Hue..
* (Tomo) I wanted him to say that. I wanted him to look at me.
* (Tomo) A place where I can properly turn into a girl.
* (Tomo) Because it was a love to which I thought I'd lose my facade I'd had 'til then.


Page 28

* (Tomo) I can say that what's great is great.
* (Tomo) I can tell what I like that I like them. That's how I've always wanted myself to be.

Tomo: It's okay. I'll go home by myself.

Tomo: Besides the 6:00 rush, buses are gonna be roughly 30 minutes late.
* (Akira) There are only 3 buses after 6:00 in Chinami.

* (Akira) haihai.. get in already.

Tomo: Oyajiguruma [old man car]
* (Panda alarm) It's a good car!
Akira: To tell you the truth, I don't let anybody but good women ride in the passenger seat.

Tomo: Fine, I'm getting off!
Akira: Hey, brat.. Hey, if you don't hurry up, the shops are gonna close.

Tomo: ?


Page 29

Akira: Is it good?
Tomo: Uh.. y.. yeah.

Mom: A.. You're so cuute!
Akira: (thought) Wow.. She looks like a toy..

Tomo: B.. buuut.. A.. Aki-nii? Um..

* (Mom) Isn't it nice?
Akira: Do you like it?


Page 30

Tomo: Y..yeah
* (Panda alarm) Change already.
Akira: Hmm, ok. We'll take this one please. Charge it on the card.
Saleslady (i assume since we don't get to see): Ok.

Tomo: EH!?
Akira: Are you going to wear that tomorrow?

Tomo: Wh.. where am I going?
Akira: Fujisawa's Karaoke Park Alpha.

Tomo: Huh!?

> (squeak)
He's holding the postcard for her class reunion.
Akira: It's the meeting place for K's 2nd junior high 3-2 class reunion.
Tomo: AAA

Akira: Ah, I see. So you're going to run away?

Akira: If you do that, you'll just be continuing to hide and you can never truly say that
       you've changed.

Tomo: .....


Page 31

Akira: ...It'll make you feel better. ["You'll feel refreshed"]

* (Tomo) Shi...
* (Tomo) How annoying!!!

* (Tomo) But in the end, Aki-nii found out what I've been hiding.
Tomo: (thought) Is it the age difference? His different experiences?

Tomo: (thought) Is it because I'm simple?

* (memory of Akira's words) So you're going to run away?
Tomo: ...


Page 32

* (Tomo) That's enough.

Tomo: I'm leaving for the class reunion now.

Mom: Ara.. Maa.. Tomo-chan! How's your dress?

* (Tomo) I've had enough already.

Mom: The class reunion.. Wait! The train today is...
* (Tomo) I don't want to run away anymore.


Page 33

* (Tomo) To really start all over again.

Station announcement: At this moment.. Due to a traffic accident, the whole line will be stopped.
                      We are sorry for the inconvenience--

Station announcement: Furthermore, until the reconstruction, please select a bus in the
                      neighboring station..

[yeah, that was a really loose translation.. i got "people have a whole lot of determination"]

* (Tomo) This is really my chance to let go!
Tomo: (thought) If I can somehow get to the Tokyo station...
Akira (offscreen): Chima!


Page 34

Akira: Come on!

Tomo: ...Aki-nii...

Tomo: (breathing heavily) Aki-nii, why?

Akira: Didn't I say I'd look after you?


Page 35

Receptionist: The party room is the 2nd door to the right? Should I lead you?
Tomo: No, it's alright.

Tomo: (gulp)

> GACHA (opens the door)

Girls: Chima!?
Girls: Kyaa-- So cute!

Classmates: O---i! It's Sasahara!
* O?


Page 36

Girls: I'm surprised you'd wear something like that, Chima.

Tomo: ...yeah.

Tomo: The truth is, I like it this way. But I didn't say anything 'cuz I was really embarassed.

Girls: Mou.. That's silly! You're cute!

* (Tomo) Yeah. I was an idiot.
Girls: How's the new house?
Girls: Are there any cute guys?

Girls: Listen! Shizu's already got a boyfriend.
Tomo: Heeee--
Shizu: Mou... Stop it!
Guys: Hey, next!
* (Tomo) I could never do these simple things 'til now.


Page 37

Ishikawa: Sasahara

Ishikawa: ...I guess I was wrong, huh?
Tomo: Huh?

Ishikawa: Did you wear that dress for me?

Tomo: ...
> umu umu
Ishikawa: That's right, huh. You *are* a girl after all.

Ishikawa: ...but at that time.. I was thinking again..

> (she stands up quickly)


Page 38

> BAKI (she socks him)

Girls: Chi.. Chima!?
Tomo: Nah.. This was just another miscommunication..

Tomo: It hurt just like this.
Ishikawa: ...


Page 39

* (Tomo) Yeah
Tomo: Byebye
* (Tomo) I feel better.

At the station..

* (Tomo) I want to see Aki-nii.

* (Tomo) Somehow, I really

* (Tomo) want to see you.

Tomo: ......


Page 40

Tomo: Aki-nii...!

Tomo: Were you waiting!?
Akira: ...So do you feel better?

Tomo: ...Yeah.
Tomo: I do.

Akira: Well, might as well give you a ride.

Tomo: You won't let anyone but nice women ride?
Akira: The kid's an exception.


Page 41

Tomo: ~~~~~
> POKA POKA POKA (hiting his back again)
Akira: Ah--- Hey, a little lower.

Akira: It's a quick ride. Driving to your graduation celebration.

Akira: Put on your seatbelt.

> (pulling)
Tomo: Ah. ok.

> (struggling with seatbelt)
Tomo: b---

Akira: Ah.. Here..
> (BEAT)


Page 42

* A...
> DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI (heart pounding)
* (Tomo) Are?
Akira: Causing a panic as usual. You're a thoughtless kid.

Tomo: Mu.. Not so! The dress is bulky!

Akira: I see.. You were panicking..
Akira: even though you're not clumsy..

Tomo: ...but it wasn't even handy..
> pora pora
Akira: I know that well enough.

* bu---------
Akira: (clucking) ku ku ku

* (Tomo) He was watching over me.


Page 43

* (Tomo) I want to yell
* (Tomo) in a loud voice.

* (Tomo) What?
Tomo: (sees sakura petals floating in the wind) u



Page 44

Tomo: U------WA--------
Tomo: UWA-----

Akira: (thought) Is she a dog?
Akira: Chima, watch your step! The petals are sliding!
[I guess the petals are flying around so fast she might get blinded and trip]
Tomo: I'm. o. k.

Akira: whoops.


Page 45

Tomo: Isn't it great?
Tomo: They're so pretty!

His eyes widen..
Akira: Chi..

He catches her as she trips.
> DO..

Tomo: Hya---- So-rry-

Her eyes widen.

Tomo: ...Aki-nii?
> ZA--------


Page 46

He's kissing her.
* (Tomo) What is this feeling?

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