Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

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* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 48

Akira: Ok, next problem----
> ton ton (tossing die)

> KORO KORORON (die roll)
panda buzzer: It really is co-ed..

Akira: Number 32. Number 32, Sasahara!
> BI 
Akira: Sasahara Tomo!


Page 49

Tomo: Ha.. hai
She gets up suddenly from the chair.

Akira: Hou! While I'm teaching, drawing away from your problems is good conduct.
       Answer Page 15, number 2 up in front!

* (Tomo) Sh...

* (Tomo) Shit! And who's fault is it... You have a habit of changing all of a sudden----

* (Tomo) That day. 
  (Tomo) I kicked off my first love that night..

Tomo: ..................
      A... Aki.... ni...?
* heeee----


Page 50

> kusha
Akira: ...I'm sorry.

* (Tomo) That's all he said and then there was silence the whole way, seeing me home...
  Since that day, I haven't been able to sleep-------

* (Tomo) How'd I get into this?
* (Akira) Why is 7x8 59?
> KA KA (writing on board)
Akira: It's too bad you missed the calculation.. The equation is fine.

Akira: If you weren't half-asleep, you wouldn't make such a trivial mistake.
* (Tomo) ...

Tomo: (thought) I can't look directly at Aki-nii's face!
* (Tomo) If I look, I'm gonna look stupid, looking at his lips!
[That's a lot of looking.. ^^; ]


Page 51

* (Tomo) But I absolutely have to ask him today!
> KINOKON KANKON (school bell)
* (Tomo) I'm gonna die from lack of sleep.
Akira: Do Page 16, problems 3-6 for homework. Don't forget!

Tomo: Aki... Shimazaki-sensei..
The girls who are trying to recruit her to their respective clubs have arrived at a mad dash..
TrackGirl: Is Sasahara-san here?
Tomo: !!!


Page 52

KendoGirl: Have you thought about it!? You've chosen to join the kendou club!!
TrackGirl: No, no.. It absolutely has to be track and field club..
GymGirl: No--- Rhythmic sports gymnastics.

* (Tomo) Now isn't the right time! Mo-----
Tomo: (thought) Why is everyone jumping to conclusions?
Tomo: Anou.. I quit kendou.. Besides, joining cultural clubs...
panda buzzer: They don't seem to get it..

KendoGirl: But it's such a waste! You've had experience winning the district tournament!
[ken=prefecture taikai=tournament yuushou=victory keikensha=experienced person]
TrackGirl: We'll accomodate you as soon as possible at practice hours!?

* (Tomo) A---- Discipline----
Tomo: I really don't feel like joining an athletic club!
> MU


Page 53

All3: Hold on! You're really passing all of these up!? Think about it some more!
Akira: Hey, now.. So are you threatening her with your scary faces?
TrackGirl: (gyaaaa) Shimazaki-sensei
KendouGirl: How can you say that right to girls' faces?

Akira: Sasahara. Hurry on to PE next.
Tomo: Ha.. hai

* (Tomo) ....Somehow Aki-nii...
Tomo: (thought) At times like these, he's thoroughly just "sensei".

* (Tomo) I still haven't taken the opportunity to talk to Aki-nii.
* (Tomo) Shit.
* The truth is she's been avoiding him like there was a pole between them for 3 days..
[That, being, obviously, a very loose translation, feel free to render your interpretation]
Tomo: (thought) My body's getting weak, my eyes are blurry, and I'm dizzy.

Koba: Besides, they're getting more violent day by day, trying to get Tomo to join club 


Page 54

Koba: In the beginning, it was just the kendou club.
      But Tomo ran from place to place with so much energy that the track and field club 
      started focusing on her.
Koba: Then while trying to get away from the track and field club, she jumped off the
      second floor ballroom, staying clear of the rhythmic sports gymnastics club.
Tomo: Gyahaha.. No way! I'm not going to make it worse!

Tomo: (thought) But I haven't taken time to talk to Aki-nii..
Koba: A. It's Shima-chan.

Tomo hides behind a tree.
Koba: What are you doing?
Tomo: Uh, nothing..
Girl: Ne, ne. Who's that woman? That one in the white coat.

Koba: She's our school physician.
Girl: What what!? That woman's really close to Shima-chan--


Page 55

Koba: I think they've known each other since they were student days.
      Rumor has it that even though Shima-chan was the Kouhai, they were seeing each other.
* (Tomo) E!?
Girl: No way-----! What a shock----!

* (Tomo) Lover!? Aki-nii's lover!?
Girl: But don't they make a cute couple!
* (Tomo) But I'm in the way!

Tomo: (thought) No.. It's not like that.
* (Tomo) Why'd you kiss me if you already had a lover!?
* (PE teacher) Today, we're going to time the 50-meter run.

Tomo: (thought) Is Aki-nii that fickle?


Page 56

* (Tomo) Has that much changed in the 5 years we haven't seen each other?
Tomo: (thought) What a shock.

Koba: Tomo? You're next.

* (Tomo) Aki-nii is..
Koba: Race yah to the end--

Girl: She's good----
* (Tomo) What were his intentions?

* (Tomo) Was he just teasing me?

* (Tomo) Why?
Koba: Tomo!?

* (Tomo) Why isn't he saying something?


Page 57

* (Tomo) Why can't I get myself to ask him?

Tomo: ........

Kuze: Ara. You're finally awake.

* (Tomo) It's that woman...!
Kuze: You still finished fourth. You were sleeping well.
Tomo: A...


Page 58

Kuze: What time did you sleep last night? What about lunch?
Tomo: No, umm... Today is...
> kyururu...

Kuze: You shouldn't do that. You have to eat.
      Take this for the time being.
Tomo: .... Thank you.
* (Tomo) I.. I wonder if this person is Aki-nii's lover...
Kuze: Sasahara Tomo-chan from 1-4, right.

Kuze: It's simply anemia from lack of sleep.
Kuze: Is there something keeping you awake?

> bunyuru
Tomo: E!?


Page 59

Kuze: Nma-- What a stupidly honest kid---

Tomo: (thought) S.. stupid?

Kuze: I'm Kuze Mayumi. Nice to meet you.

Kuze: Yaa-- Mo-- You're a really thoughtful kid, ne--
Tomo: Huh?
Kuze: Nothing. By the way, you should take off your bra so you can sleep better.
Tomo: A. Hai.

Kuze: You're not gonna reach that size.
Kuze: Don't get those ONE CUPs anymore. They're bad for your breasts.
      It's ok since it's so hot today, ne-- It's gonna be 30 degrees.

Tomo: (thought) B.. breasts?
Tomo: (thought) She's a great physician.
Kuze: Haai, come in.


Page 60

Kuze: She woke up just now, Shimazaki-sensei.
* (Tomo) Aki-nii!?

Akira: Sasahara, how are...

Akira: ....you... don't have a bra size. 
[I think he's calling her flat... either that, or he's saying her bra's kinda small..
Kuze was talking about those ONE CUPs.. one-size bras.. ^^; ]
* (Kuze) Huh... That's too bad, huh...

Tomo: B...



Page 61

Akira: Excuse me for trying to help!
* (Kuze) So stupid--
* (Akira) Hei hei. I'm sorry for [what I did] just now.
[That first part is like "Hai, hai" "Yeah, yeah"]

Akira: So? What's wrong with her after all, Mayumi-san?
Kuze: Hm? It's just lack of sleep.

Kuze: Could it be because of you, Akira-san? (snicker)

Kuze: So is that her? Your cute cute "Chima-chan".
Akira: ......
* (Akira) ...Why?

He thinks back on the kiss...
* (Akira) Why'd I do something like that?


Page 62

* (Akira) What did I do...

She looks at him for a moment, then bursts in to tears..
> PUPI---------

..but she hangs onto him, looking to be comforted..
> zuruzuru
Tomo: Hue?

Akira: (thought) acha
Tmo: A...

Tomo: Aki...?


Page 63

...but he releases her.
Akira: ------------...
       I'm sorry...

Akira: (thought) What did I do to my little friend?

Kuze nudges him, bringing him back to the present.
Kuze: Such a serious expression. You did something naughty, huh?
* (Kuze) Why don't you tell oneesan about it...
* (cell phone) PiPiPi PiPiPi

Kuze: An
> PI
Akira: Yes?

Akira: ....Yes ....... Yeah, it's alright. I'm at work right now.


Page 64

Akira: Huh..

* (Akira) Why? Why?
* (Akira) Stop it already, there's nothing you can do.

* (Tomo) He was only teasing me..

* (Tomo) I don't know anymore!!
Friends: Hey.. Calm down on your eating!!
Koba: Tomo!?
* (Tomo) I'm cutting him off as a friend.

Akira: Number 32, Sasahara...
Tomo: I don't know.
* (Tomo) Hmph.

Akira: ....


Page 65

Dad: Well, Tomo, what do you want to eat? What should we do for your school entrance

Dad: It's been so busy, we haven't been able to celebrate. Isn't it all so great? My princess..

Tomo: (thought) No, it's not.

Tomo: A
Tomo: (thought) That's just like Aki-nii's car.

It *is* his car... ^^;
* (Tomo) E!?

* (Tomo) Akinii and.... Kuze-sensei!?

Mom: Tomo, what's wrong?
* (Tomo) Where are...


Page 66

Tomo: GE!!

She's looking at a building called "Hotel Lavender" which must be where Akira and Kuze went..

Tomo: Huh... Those two really are..

Tomo: Why--- I guess he really was just teasing me.

Mom: Tomo? What did you decide on? Chinese?
* (Tomo) I see... It's been like this the whole time.

* (Tomo) All this time, I was Aki-nii's toy.
* (Tomo) It's ok.. It's nothing..


Page 67

Mom: Tomo!? What's wrong?

* (Tomo) So..

* (Tomo) why am I crying?
* (Tomo) Why does my chest hurt?

* (Tomo) I didn't know it would hurt this much when my heart breaks.

A considerable amount of time later..
* (Tomo) Why can't I sleep?


Page 68

Tomo: (thought) Ugh.. I still can't sleep.. I don't feel so good..

Kuze: Shimazaki-sensei!

GymGirl: Ohayou, Sasahara-san! What a coincidence meeting you here!
TrackGirl: Come look in our morning practice!
KendoGirl: And observe our early morning training!


Page 69

GymGirl: Sasahara-san's tired of looking at the Kendo Club, ne?
KendoGirl: What did you say---

Her foot slips on the edge of the stairs...
> gakun

and she comes flying down..

to be caught by Aki-nii who was nearby..
> DO

* (Tomo) ukyu~


Page 70

Akira: What are you [girls] doing!
* (Tomo) What...?
Akira: You should know the difference between what's right and what's wrong! 
       Get back to your classrooms! Think about what you've done!

* (Tomo) Is Aki-nii... shouting...?

* (Tomo) Wow-- That's the first time I've heard Aki-nii yell like that...
She completely passes out.

* (Tomo) I guess even Aki-nii has things he gets mad about.

A while later, her eyes open.. and her hand is hanging on to somebody's finger..
> paka


Page 71

which just happens to be Akira's..
Akira: yo

Tomo: ...

Tomo: ~~~~

Akira: Are you hurt?

Akira: Hmm... You seem ok, but your head's kinda burning.
Akira: You still can't sleep well?

Tomo: ...Isn't that your fault...


Page 72

Tomo: You kissed me all of a sudden!
Tomo: You already have a lover!

Akira: Ha?

Akira: Who's got a lover?
Tomo: I SAW YOU!

Tomo: I... I saw you go into a love hotel!!

Akira: ......
* (Akira) A?

> pomu

Akira: Here.

Tomo: !? What's this...


Page 73

Akira: Wed...ding..souvenirs...?
Akira: Kuze-sensei and I are constant companions. She lives in the mansion next to the love
       hotel in Chinami.
* (Akira) She was drunk and she had my share of the souvenirs. I waited for her and took her
  home.. That's these.
[ i had to guess at that.. basically she was drunk, he took her home, she had his share of
the souvenirs, which she gave him earlier that day... anyone got a better translation? ^^; ]
Tomo: No way..

Akira: Why?
Akira: You jealous?

Tomo: I'm no..

Tomo: I'M NOT!!

Tomo(?): What I want to say is, was it a moral kiss?
[Is she questioning the kiss he gave her... as a kiss between friends? or between lovers?]
Akira: Was my kiss that unpleasant? 


Page 74

Tomo: ...huh?

* (Tomo) A..
Tomo: .....
* (Tomo) are?

Tomo: I don't.. really know. You took me by surprise.
* (Tomo) It.. It didn't feel unpleasant..

Tomo: But that's not the problem!!
Tomo: The point is that being one-sided isn't good, Aki-nii!

Akira: Even though I'm a teacher...

Tomo: You did it agaaaaaaiiiiin.
Akira: (thought) A.. This is fun.

Akira: If you don't like it, you can escape.


Page 75

Tomo: Why'd you do that?

Akira: I'm not sorry.
Tomo: Hue?

Akira: I'm not sorry that another guy didn't get to do that to you.
[Give her her first kiss, I think. ^^ ]

Tomo: What's that...
Akira: If you're going to be a good woman, do it for me.
Tomo: ...about? A compromise?


Page 76

Tomo: ~~~~
      Do teachers do things like that?
Akira: A-- Yeah, that's terrible...

Akira: so we'll be secret lovers...

Akira: won't we?


Page 77

* (Tomo) I don't remember the day I first met Aki-nii.
* (Tomo) When I followed his advice, I wanted to be with him more.
* (Tomo) That's why he exists, to be my older brother and my childhood friend.

* (Tomo) Aki-nii moved away and when we meet again five years later..
* (Tomo) This time he's become "sensei".

Transmitter: Should we question people if they come wearing a gymnastics outfit?
[I think the teachers are using radio transmitters.. they're organizing student activities]


Page 78

Tomo: Sensei, can we go karaoke?
Transmitter: A-- Hai, hai. But get to them quickly.
* (Akira) You guys like it, ne--

Akira: If you don't save your strength and provisions, you won't keep up.
[I think he's talking back on the transmitter]

* (Tomo) But Aki-nii... Shimazaki-sensei...

* (Tomo) I don't even think of him as my lover.

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