Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Hana to Yume Volume 17, Year 2000
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 29

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
< sound
[] translator's additional notes..

The title page reads, "Princess, what should I cook for tonight...?"


Page 176

* (Ten) She's small..
* (Ten) and childlike..
* (Ten) I feel like.. I'd rather turn away, but characters change..

* (Ten) She's got spirit, but no sex appeal
* (Ten) ...I would assume.


Page 177

* (Ten) So why...
Tomo: (thought) A

* (Tomo) The smell of cigarettes....

* (Tomo) Sensei...?
Akira: Ten-----? Did Sasahara come back-----?

Ten: E.. A..
Tomo: Uha

Akira: Why didn't you answer if you were here? ...What's wrong, Ten?
Ten: Ga..


Page 178

Ten: Uhhhhhhh.. I was just going to water her big mouth.
* (Tomo) eu--?
Akira: ...with the hose?

Akira: What? Sasahara, did you fall asleep? Gradually start getting ready..

Ten: Well, I'm gonna go now.
Akira: Ok.

Akira: ....
Tomo: ? Buchou?

Akira: (thought) ....The hose isn't connected to the faucet.
Tomo: Sensei... ne.. um...


Page 179

Tomo: Why is he mad!? I just fell asleep...
Akira: Don't worry about it. After all, this morning is Ten's turn.

Tomo: But..

Tomo: I came but didn't do anything at all.
Akira: .....

Akira: Those... evil eyes..
Tomo: E? What!?

Akira: Chima, where's your necktie?
Tomo: He?
Akira: Necktie. And button that up.


Page 180

Tomo: E?
Tomo: A-- My uniform was damp so I was trying to dry it...

* (point to Tomo) Remembered that [one of them] got mad.
[I really don't know who, since I don't have a copy of the previous HanaYume installment.. ^^;]
* (Tomo) Hmmmmmm.... Hmmmmmmm..... Hmmmmmmm...

* (Tomo) Hm.
Tomo: ......

Akira: ...I'm sorry. I was silent because it really wasn't important...
Tomo: I wanted you to tell me even things that aren't important!


Page 181

Akira: I see..
Akira: I talk to you about things I can talk about, but because I'm a teacher and a staff
       member in this school, there are things I can't talk about.

Akira: Do you understand that?
Tomo: ....

Tomo: Yeah...

Tomo: But this time, I'm wrong.. I'm sorry..
* (Akira) She couldn't have forgotten the poster she made after that!

* (Tomo) A


Page 182

Akira: It's ok... You can make another one.
Tomo: Ch..
* (Tomo) I wonder why I'm so weak in sensei's embrace.
[dakko=carrying a baby in one's arms; which i just translated as embrace ^^; so it could be
"I wonder why I'm so weak when sensei holds me like a baby." ^^; ]

* (Akira?) But I think Yuuji is fairly pleased with you as well..

Tomo: (thought) Why am I remembering buchou?

Tomo: ....

<chatter in the hallways>


Page 183

* (Ten) Hmmmmm....

Ten: ~~~~~~~~~~

Ten: (thought) Da~~~~~
<door opens suddenly>
Ten: What's this... Almost flattened me!!

Ichioka: Sorry.

* (Ten) GE!


Page 184

Ichioka: ... ...Ohayou

Ten: Ou

Ten: Ichioka... What's wrong with my club's poster?

Ichioka: The student council confiscated it, but we'll return it if you have permission for
         the activity?
Ten: A.. I see..

Nishimura: Ohha-- Ten
Ten: Stop that.. Ou.
Note: "Ohha" is a short term for "Ohayou"... I think somebody once mentioned that it's mostly
used by children..

Nishimura: How unusual.. Asking Ichioka.. Storm tomorrow?
Classmate: Ohayo-- Keika--


Page 185
Keika: Ohayo

Keika: Have you found what you're looking for?

Ten: I don't know---

Keika: That's really too bad..


Page 186

Nishimura: What? You haven't made up with Keika-chan?
Ten: I don't know.

Nishimura: (thought) Wow. He really doesn't get women.
Ten: By the way, have you asked about the budget?

Guy: A-- I've asked, I've asked.
Guy: I felt soory for your [club's] Chibi-chan.
     But we haven't lost yet.

Ten: ...I see.

Nishimura: ...
Ten: So, Nishimura. Are you the new industrial arts club president now?


Page 187

Nishimura: That's right. My club's trembling in fear as well.
Ten: Why? Isn't your club passing?

Nishimura: The clubs who weren't watching out turned around and the main council turned their
           approval. From OB, the major clubs with assistance were neutral.

Nishimura: Even though we're small, the number of people is enough.. So I really don't want
           to make enemies in the student council. I want their approval.
Ten: Aren't you talking about dictatorship?
Nishimura: It is!

Ten: The special budget cuts?
Nishimura: That's the think. I don't know really well. It's not that I can say it's unfair.
           It's special and delicate.


Page 188

Nishimura: Our adviser's also pretty impatient.
Nishimura: It feels like we're in an economic depression, huh?

Nishimura: Ichioka is sometimes bothered by these annoying roles.

Keika: Ichioka-kun.

Keika: Kubo-sensei's a little late. I just took attendance.
       It's about the same as usual.
Ichioka: Ahh..


Page 189

Keika: It's hectic, isn't it? Having to push odd jobs and play roles you don't like.
Ichioka: It's nothing. I'm used to it.

Keika: That's a losing disposition. But hang on.

Ichioka: ... Yeah.


Page 190

Koba: Tomo----? What are you drawing?

Tomo: Hm--- The picture under the poster for joining clubs.

Koba&Shino: ...

Tomo: You can laugh if you have to.
Koba: Nah.. Isn't friendship nice and good?

Koba: I heard there was trouble?
Tomo: Yeah.

Koba: But for now, isn't it good that people are joining the club?
Tomo: Yeah
Koba: But I have a great idea.


Page 191

Tomo: What!?
Koba: Use the guys.

Tomo: E!?
Koba: Shima-chan and Tenkawa-sempai are kinda social.

Koba: Isn't it?

Tomo: But a person who tries their best is enough, after all. I want to leave it to a person
      I can trust with the greenhouse and the flower beds.
* Because I know now
* why buchou does that severe initiation test.
[buchou = club president]
Tomo: (thought) Ma- That's pretty contrary.


Page 192

Koba: I know that but... didn't you promise?
Shino: N----- n?
<nudge nudge>

Shino: This?

Koba: ....Shino....?
* All this time...
Shino: N?

Tomo: Shino has this much talent. I'm surprised..

* (Tomo) I... wonder if there's something I can do..
Akira: Heeh


Page 193

Akira: That's really good.
Tomo: nyoha? Sensei, you've been home all this time!?

Akira: But didn't I just call on the intercomm?

Tomo: I didn't noticen at all. Okaeri.
Akira: Tadaima
[Ai! They sound like they're living together!]

Tomo: A-- Sorry, I'll make dinner now. I still haven't gone to get the groceries, though..
Akira: Aa.. I did it already.
Tomo: He?

Akira: I promised I'd only hang out with you everyday..
Tomo: Well, I'll help!


Page 194

Tomo: The eyeballs are turning white.
Akira: Ok. Turn it over. Good.
Tomo: ooh.

Akira: What?
Tomo: Sensei... why'd you go out, after all?

Akira: It's not important. Nowhere, really.
Tomo: But sensei, you're so good at cleaning and doing laundry and cooking..

Akira: Umm... Chima-san? You don't want me to do the housework?

Tomo: But.. These things...
Tomo: They're for girls..


Page 195

Akira: So. It looks like I'm turning into a woman?
Tomo: E? A
* (Tomo) Waaa

Akira: But I can live by myself without having to worry as much.

Akira: I'm not strong enough to be happy being alone.

Akira: ...Would you be happy if you were with me?


Page 196

Akira: That's right...
Akira: I feel like I'll always live alone..


Page 197

Tomo: Well, I'll be here at your side for you..

Tomo: Yeah

Tomo: I'm here.
* (Tomo) A

* (Tomo) His body's warm...

* (a memory of somebody's words) Nee, Chima-chan


Page 198

* (a memory of somebody's words) Do you want to be held by Akira-kun?
Akira: Chima...

Tomo: Hai.

Akira: The fish smells like it's burning...
Tomo: Haa...

Tomo: uhyo-- Safe. It's only a little burned------
* (Tomo) Now... I

* (Tomo) I'm feeling really ecchi.
[ ^^; and if you don't understand this sentence, e-mail me.. although i'm sure you already
* (Tomo) Hmmmmmmmmmmm


Page 199

* (Tomo) I might have been reckless in kissing sensei...
Tomo: Hm?
Akira: Set the table.
Tomo: Ha-i

* (Tomo) Are?

Tomo: ........
* (Tomo) Come closer...
Akira: ? What?

* (Akira) O----?
* (Akira) Chimasa----n?

* (Tomo) Are?
* (Tomo) Are!?

* (Tomo) A

* (Tomo) It doesn't taste like cigarettes.

Tomo: Sensei, did you quit smoking!?


Page 200

Akira: ...You didn't notice.
Tomo: E..? Eee!? Since when!??

Akira: Since last year on your birthday.

Tomo: Oh

Akira: How mean---- I've been doing my best to quit smoking for you since you don't like them.
Tomo: E!? Uh.. I'm sorry! Ne.. sensei! I'm sorry... Look, let's kiss... Ne? Ne?


Page 201

Tomo: Sensei, you moron!
Akira: Hai, I'm sorry.

Tomo: Mo----
* (Tomo) Are?

* (Tomo) So that cigarette smell that time...

* (Tomo) That time, the person who was by me was...

Akira: Tomo?


Page 202

Akira: ?

Tomo: Let's eat!
Akira: Huh?
Tomo: Let's eat. We've had enough rest today!

* (Tomo) I'm losing it..
Tomo: We have to perfect our plans for starting a gardening project.

* (Tomo) It's not like we're sulking and losing our way.
* (Tomo) There's so much you've done for me.

Tomo: You better eat 'til you're full, too. You're gonna fight at the staff meeting.
* (Tomo) You can do it.


Page 203

* The power source is here.
Akira: Ou.

Tomo: For now, I've recovered from yesterday.

Tomo: (thought) I'm gonna water the tulips before buchou gets here.
Guys: Wait, Ichioka!


Page 204

Tomo: E?

Guys: This discussion isn't over yet. Why are you gonna kill it just like that?!
Ichioka: It was a decision by the club heads meeting.

Ichioka: If you* don't do well enough, you* won't be part of the club council. The budget
         cuts will naturally be on that club.
[* There's a problem here.. Since I lack background on these guys and there aren't any
 indicating pronouns, we can't be sure if he's saying "your" club or "their" club or
 "that" club...]

Guys: Why, you.....


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