Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 80

* (Tomo) He only said that we're lovers and are seeing each other. I haven't responded.

* (Tomo) E.. Even though we've kissed three times.. It was all forced on me.
* (Tomo) But..

* (Tomo) I... I've heard gossip but guys' lips are also really soft...
* (Tomo) They're warm and smells a bit like cigarettes...
Tomo: .....


Page 81

* (Tomo) No... Th.. this feeling...
* (Tomo) The feeling's coming back-----

Koba: Tomo? Your face is turning red? Are you sick?

Koba: Are you ok? Four days in camp is fairly hard.
      And you fell over the other day, Tomo..
Tomo: Ah.. I'm alright already.
* (Tomo) That's right.

* Starting today, the first year students of Mihoshi High School are going to "friendship
  camp" for 3 days and 4 nights.
  To sports competitions. To mountain climbing. To orienteering.
* Through sports, we might improve communication among the grade.
  In short, we're going to wilderness school.
Girl: --But I heard from sempai.


Page 82

Girl: This camp has a high rate of couples forming.
(probable: "This camp is known for forming couples.")
Koba: In the first 2 days, they do bed checks, then we have a campfire on the 3rd night.
Girl (background): That's right... the sempai were here last year, too..

Girl (background): NO WAY-- Wow...
* Nice going--
Koba: Are? Tomo, what's that?

Tomo: Dad was really loud about taking the emergency buzzer.
* (Tomo) It's not like I can't call him anyway.
Koba: Your dad's a worrywart?
Koba: Hm.. Mou-- It's really overboard. It was problematic last night.

Dad: Tomo! Take this!


Page 83

Tomo: What's this?
Dad: If you have this, you can call for help in the mountains.

Tomo: (tosses it behind her) Don't need this. *It's annoying*
* Y370,000+
Dad: What are you saying, you're gonna be staying and sleeping out with your guy classmates!?
     I won't know if something happens!

Tomo: What senseless things are you talking about? Mou.. I'm leaving early tomorrow--
Note: "neboke" = half-asleep
Koba: To... Tomo, wait, wait. Will you at least take this!?

Tomo: He forced me to take it.
Girl: He's worrying too much.
Girl: Well, if he's a Lolicon guy, it would be another story.

* (Tomo) I have a child's body anyway.
Tomo: (thought) So I wonder if Aki-nii has Lolicon.
Akira: <kushan: sneezing noise>


Page 84

Teacher: Shimazaki-sensei, do you have a cold?
Akira: No. *I wonder..*

Teacher: Is that cell phone yours? It uses satellite so you can call to anywhere in the world--
         *It's pretty cool*
Teacher: This is amazing. Wasn't it expensive?

Akira: ...... I won the lottery.
* ....huh?

Kuze: Is there a problem, Ikenouchi-sensei?
Ikenouchi: I HAVE A BIG ONE.

Ikenouchi: You should wear clothes that shows you're conscious of your role as an educator! THAT
           is immodest...
Kuze: Araa.. It's alright.


Page 85

Kuze: Now I have more room when I wear my uniform.

Kuze: But it's so hot in the doctor's robe. If I get dehydrated, then the students won't have
      anyone to nurse them back to health, right? I'm really worried about it...
Ikenouchi: I... I understand, but please always wear your doctor's robe tightly.
Kuze: HAAI

Ikenouchi: And you, too, Shimazaki-sensei! There's no smoking in the camp!
Akira: ...hai

Kuze: (conspiratorially) That was easy--- The robe's more exciting...
Akira: You're pretty bad yourself.
* How is it exciting?

Kuze: Hmph... I see, I see.. So is "Chima-chan" that good?
Akira: What was that?
Kuze: A.. just a little while ago... That time, who covered for you when you were alone, who!?


Page 86

Others: What's the original misunderstanding?
Kuze: Huh?

Kuze: No-thing- Never mind.
* (Akira) This is going to be a long 4 days.

Announcement: At 2:00, the opening ceremony, as well as the sports competitions, will begin.
              Students, please gather in the gym, immediately.

Koba: Tomo-- Le--t's-- go---?
Tomo: Yeah.

Tomo: Oiyo?

Tomo: Shino-san, the gym's this way.
Shino: .....


Page 87

Shino: Bathroom.

Tomo: Ah.. Yeah.
Koba: Unsocial, as usual.

Tomo: Did you know her, Koba-chan?
Koba: We were in the same middle school, but different classes.
      She's famous for not being cooperative and breaking rules.


Page 88

Tomo: Hmmm... But she greeted me.
* (Tomo) She answered me just now.

Koba: E?
Tomo: Maybe she's just not good at meeting people.

Tomo: She might be an unexpectedly easier to talk to upon closer inspection?
* Maybe she just doesn't get too close to people. (?)

Koba: kya...
Tomo: hoe?

Kashima: You girls over there--- You have 5 minutes 'til the assembly.

Koba&Tomo: Haaai!


Page 89

Guy: Iya.... The girls in our section have a lot of hits, na.. 
Guy: Iinchou, who are you going for? *I'm going for ?-san*

Guy: Don't say dumb things so suddenly.

* Hang in there!
* Wa-----!
* Kya----!

Girl: What's the standing for our class?
Girl: 4th in 6 classes---
Koba: But the points are really close. If they get 1st place in the next relay, they'll be at
      the top.


Page 90

Girl: Besides, there are a few more other games.

Girl: We (Mihoshi) were originally a girl's school a long time ago! They were really strict 
      about not allowing any boys.
      Even when they became co-ed, it didn't change... so the angry students made this line-up.
* If they didn't do this, the students would boycott camp.

Others: Ohhhhh----
Girl: Ikenouchi was here when it was just a girls' school. So these kinds of are still annoying.

Announces: Next-- People turning out for the 3-legged race, get ready.
Tomo: Oh, that's me.

Girls: Good luck, Tomo!

Kashima: You'll be with me, right, Sasahara-san?


Page 91

Kashima: Sasahara-san, what's your time for the 50M?
Tomo: I wasn't timed before I got here. I was 7.8 secs in junior high. What about you, 

Kashima: 7.5 secs.
* (pointer to a girl) Harada-san
Tomo: Are?? Well, that's about the same as Hara-chan, it might be better if you paired up with 

Kashima: She already has a partner.
* What is it with guys' pride?
Tomo: ahh...
Kashima: Besides, I wanted to pair up with you.
Tomo: Ah? Why?

Kashima: ...
Tomo: Hoe?

Kashima: I fell in love when you were running away from the club activities..  *ahaha*
         That was something else.
Tomo: But I'm 7.8 secs.
* (pointer to Tomo) Slow.

* (Kashima) That's right, huh?
Kashima: Okay, let's stand.
Tomo: Ok.


Page 92

Tomo: (thought) Aryo?
Kashima: On which one are we running on?
Other: 3rd.
* (Tomo) ..We're kinda...tied pretty high.

* (Tomo) ... I wonder what Aki-nii thinks, if he's looking this way...

(the teacher's conversation will be untranslated for now.. they're talking about processors,
pentium3s and k6athlons)

* (Tomo) Ooooooh......

* (Tomo) I've only been seeing him for a little while and he's already getting friendly with
  some other woman.
* (Tomo) It's a little worrying-------

Tomo: Let's go, Kashima-kun.
Kashima: E... o... ok.


Page 93

* (Tomo) Aki-nii is so...

Kashima: She's... fast...

Koba: Tomo------ Iinchou, keep going-------
Girl: Gooooooooooo!

* (Tomo) Aki-nii is so...

Tomo: Uwa...


Page 94

Announcer: In first, section 4.
Tomo: ......

Kashima: Sasahara-san, are you ok?
* Ha...
Tomo: Yeah... I'b aldighb.

* (Tomo) How embarassing----

Kashima: Don't move, your nose is bleeding!

Tomo: He?
Kashima?: Kuze-sensei, hurry!

Kuze: Haihai
Tomo: Ah.. I'b thorry... your gyb oudbit..

Kashima: Ah.. It's ok, it's ok.

* I...
Kuze: Come in here.
* I was suprised.


Page 95

* (Tomo) I really am like a kid.

Kuze: Ok, you're done.
      Hold this on your nose.
Tomo: Hai.


Tomo: (thought) Why don't you come to check on me? *bu---*
* (Tomo) I guess the balance was bad, after all..

* (Tomo) Adult and child [me]..

Tomo: (thought) A...

Tomo: ... He's coming this way.

Tomo: (thought) Is he going to tease me even here? *shi-----t*
Akira: Are you alright?


Page 96

* (Tomo) Aryo?
Tomo: ....I'm....alright.
Akira: Sasahara, you're coming out to our group relay after this, right?

Tomo: It's ok. I can run, but...
Akira: Don't stress yourself. Just rest, mountain climbing tomorrow is going
       to be hard.
Tomo: ........hai.

Akira: Kashima! Find a player to replace Sasahara!
* (Tomo) What?
Kashima: A... hai!
* (Tomo) Just now..

* (Tomo) He seemed like a teacher throughout.
Students: Well, then. Let's celebrate section 4's victory!


Page 97

(Off-frame): Thanks to Sasahara-san, who did her best 'til she got a 
(Off-frame): That's right.. Then suddenly, morale went up--
Student: Shimazaki-sensei---- sit with us---

Akira: Well, well... My section is such good friends with each other..
Kashima: This is a meeting to praise Sasahara's efforts.

(Off-frame): Sensei, are we gonna do something to celebrate our victory?
Akira: Ou. We can eat the cooking hear that we just love.

(Off-frame): I got it... It's biking... Isn't it natural?

(Off-frame): That's right. Well, hard-working Sasahara has a nosebleed.


Page 98

(Off-frame): Sensei, you're giving away your share of the pudding?
* Pudding for one
Student: Sensei, don't you eat pudding? *It doesn't match your image, ne?*
Akira: *I do---* Even now it's essential for intellectual workers.

Tomo: ....
* (Tomo) Did he give it to me 'cuz he remembered? 
* My favorite..

Kashima: .....
* (Tomo) I don't get it! Is Aki-nii worrying over me because he likes me?
* Or is it because I'm his student?

(Off-frame): We're taking roll call.

Girls: Are--- Isn't that Shimazaki-sensei!?
Ikenouchi: Obviously not.
Note: I guess the girls thought that Shimazaki, being their advisor, would be checking up on
them, instead of Ikenouchi.


Page 99

Girl1: I thought I'd show Shima-chan... I went out of the way to buy this...
Girl2: You know that's not possible. Shima-chan's not going to have some kid as his companion.
Note: I'm thinking "girlfriend"


Tomo: (thought) Now, stop kidding around---

Girl3: Wh.. what's that!?
Girl4: What IS that-----?

Koba: Wait... Tomo?
Tomo: It's alright.

Tomo: Hoe?

Tomo: Shino-san?


Page 100


Kashima: HE----LLO----

Shino: (thought) ....monkeys....

(Off-frame): I don't believe it!
(Off-frame): It's an informal social gathering--

(Off-frame): Dig in.
Tomo: (thought) Th.. that's nice..
(Off-frame): Sasahara-san.


Page 101

Kashima: Is your nose ok now?

Tomo: Yeah. I'm sorry about your PE outfit. Did it get dirty?
Kashima: It's ok, it's ok. I brought an extra.

Kashima: Sasahara-san, you were in kendo club 'til junior high, right?
Tomo: Ah.. Yeah, I've been doing it since 2nd grade.
Kashima: Buchou was grumbling that she almost got you..

Tomo: You're in the kendo club, right?
Kashima: Yeah.

Tomo: A...! You're that Kashima Touga-kun who was champion at last year's national athletic 
Kashima: Ahaha... It's embarassing..

Tomo: I see--- I thought I've heard your name before...
Kashima: Why did you quit kendo, Sasahara-san?


Page 102

Tomo: At first, Dad recommended kendo to me.
      But because it seems I've been doing it for various reasons.

Kashima: Oh, yeah... but it seems the club leaders haven't given up yet.
         But they're being quiet for now since Shima-chan yelled at them.
Tomo: E..

* hya---
Tomo: A..
Tomo: I see..
Tomo: (thought) That wasn't a dream....!
* (Akira) What are you doing!!

* (Tomo) Aki-nii really was yelling. Did he do it for me?
Tomo: (thought) whoa..... That's pretty... whoa--------

Kashima: ....


Page 103

Kashima: Sasahara-san, y---
Guy: Oh, no! The look-out is coming!

* GE!

?: Hurry!
?: Hide the candy!

Ikenouchi: Go to sleep early!
Girls: Ha----i!

* Oh, no..
(Off-frame): Hurry----
* It's too late----


Page 104

<door opens>


<door closes>

(Off-frame): (whisper) Did she go?
(Off-frame): (whisper) Sh... not yet.

Tomo: I think she left.


Page 105

* If you really think about this...
<doki doki>
sign: What they're doing inside the futon.
<doki doki>
* This is bad.

Tomo: U.....h... is it ok yet?
Kashima: Sasahara-san, do you have someone you like?

Tomo: E? Uh.... eh!?
Kashima: To tell you the truth, I think you're really nice.

* Eh?


Kashima: Whoa.. It's safe! It's safe!


Page 106

Girl: Umo------
Girl: If you don't get back there quick, wont the look-out come for the guys?

Kashima: Ja ne, Sasahara-san. I'll be thinking about you.

Kashima: Good night.
Tomo: .......

* (Tomo) EEEHHHHH?!

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