Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 24, 2000
Translated: Dianne Dimabuyo (DiDi)

Chapter 35

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onegai! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 407

Title page text: From the "time" ten years ago, how far have we come.......!?


Page 408

* (text in the one-liner recap box)
  Tenkawa-senpai kisses a Tomo who's holding back tears from worrying about Aki-nii 
[Ten is holding a wide-eyed Tomo's arms while kissing her.]
Tomo: I....


Page 409

Tomo: Hyaa!!
Ten: (thought) Ihya?
["ihya".... like "iya" meaning "no!"]

[Tomo trips backwards over a chair and crashes on the floor]
* Owowowow
Tomo: -----Ow

Tomo: <sucks in a breath>


<Tomo glares at Ten>


Page 410

Tomo: T.. there are limits to how far you can tease people!
* Weren't you kissing almost seriously?

<bun bun>

Ten: I'm not teasing at all.
<Ten grabs Tomo's hand>

Tomo: Heh?

Tomo: Um... Buchou?
[Note: "buchou" --> club president]


Page 411


Tomo: A........
memory: Yuuji

memory: about you----------...

Tomo: .........
* kyu---
* NO!


Page 412

Tomo: ......


Tomo: ?
<wind flapping the curtains>

<door shuts>

* Hoe?

<crowd of people talking>
Guy: *Ah---* It's Tomo-chan--
Tomo: Yeah, yeah. Isn't the yukata nice?
["yukata" --> it's like a Japanese bathrobe... also refers to the informal summer kimono]


Page 413

Tomo: Um... Sensei... Where's my adviser?

Guy: If you mean Shima-chan, he took Mayumi-chan back to the room. They might not even come
     back~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *dehehehe----*

Guy: Anyway, why don't you come in to the furo with u---
[But she's gone already]
* Ara?

* What should I do?
* What should I do?
* It was a joke, right? He was just teasing, right?


Page 414

Tomo: (thought) That's right!
* He knows I like sensei.

* He's just having fun worrying me...
memory: (Ten) It does have something to do with me--------

memory: (Ten) I've decided to do it by myself. Don't you worry about it.

memory: (Ten) ...Don't get your nose all runny

memory: (Ten) I----diot.


Page 415

memory: (Tomo) Sensei, you quit smoking?
* So, who was smoking by meat that time.....?

* The one who was by me that time was-------

* But
* doesn't he always treat me like a kid?
* Doesn't he make fun of me, calling me small all the time? [chibichibi]
* Why does he say that all of a sudden!?


Page 416

Akira: ...........

Tomo: Sen...

Akira: ...... ........................
Kuze: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[Note: Yeah, that was pretty useless.. ^^; Basically, they're far away enough that she
 can't hear them, since they're talking pretty low... and it seems like Kuze-sensei is

[Akira supports Kuze as they walk down the hall away from a staring Tomo]


Page 417

[Tomo runs out of the house and takes a walk in the dark.]

Tomo: (thought) *ha------------* ...What am I doing....

Tomo: ......
* Why


Page 418

* Why wasn't I shaken right away?
* I------..

Ten: ........

[Ten's sitting in the furo, and remembers her reaction when he kissed her hand.]


Page 419

* I really messed up------------

Off-shot: *gyahaha* HYAHHO------! [Yahoo!]

<water splashes>
Ten: bu

Guys: Synchronized swimming
<splash splash>
* gyahaha

Ten: A...

Guys: *kya-------* Tenkawa-kun's come to play-----

Guys: When you start to get wrinkles on your forehead, aren't the effects of the onsen
      scattering away?


Page 420

Guy: *U---fu---fu---* Something's wrong with Tomo-chan~~~~~~~~~
Ten: Wha....

Guy: *kekeke* That's too bad, isn't it--- That Tomo-chan likes Shimacchi, right?
     *I've seen. I know.*
Guy: That's a formidable rival-------------*note*
Ten: Uh....

Guy: *But still* But to tell you, I think you shouldn't start something until you've left
     the club---?
Ten: ...What are you talking about?

Guy: *Eh-----well* Isn't that something that usually breaks friendships?


Page 421

* (point to Ten) thinking more
Guy: Well, even if you don't hurry, your friend's a teacher, right? You admire people older 
     than you? And Shimacchi's a friend?

Ten: ......

[Ten remembers what Akira said after he almost hit those kids after Tomo was put in a 
 dangerous position... Chapter 30, I believe.]
memory: (Ten) Wasn't that a lot of force striking at full speed?
memory: (Akira) I would have done it.

memory: (Akira) If they had put even one bruise on her, I would have.

* That time
* Those weren't just a teacher's words, were they?

* That was only a guy's anger..
[as in, he wasn't mad as a teacher... he was mad as a guy.. i hope you understood that.. 
 ^^; ]


Page 422

Akira: Geez... You're just making merry, huh!

Kuze: *nyoa~~~~~~~* Sorry-----
Akira: So? Where is it? The medicine for your stomach?

Kuze: *You're so mea---------n* Inside that bag over there~~~~~~~~

Kuze: Ne---- ne----
Akira: Hai?
* Why are teachers using medicine for the students?
Kuze: Why don't you do it with Chima-chan?


Page 423

[He tosses a box at her head.]
Akira: *Why?* You shouldn't be asking people about those situations.
<box hits her on the head>
Kuze: Ow.

Kuze: Because
      Hey, because
      it's other people's problem?
Akira: YES? *You want to try say it louder?*

Kuze: Couldn't be? You haven't noticed?
Kuze: Chima-chan's been looking at me hotly.
[as in, glaring]

Akira: .....
Kuze: I feel like I'm not together at all-- so--pi--ti--fu---l

Kuze: So would you not look after me?
Akira: Fine. *No prestige in it*


Page 424

Akira: But there's a lot I want to do.

Akira: I wonder if I can withstand her.
[as in, not give in to what he *does* want to do.. ^^; ]

Kuze: *Ah-----* As much as possible. It's alright, It's alright. 
Akira: ....No, it's not. It's a problem of feelings.
* (Kuze) Kidding. I'm sorry. Take it off~~~~~
[Akira had put a glass of cold water on her forehead]

Kuze: A---ny----way---- isn't it painful to have to lie to your friendship with Ten?
Akira: That kid really does hate lies, ne.

Kuze: You're doing your best right now but even that has limits.
Kuze: It's trouble, ne. A triangle with students.


Page 425

Kuze: But about lying
Akira: Yeah?

Kuze: The truth is you're hurting, aren't you?
Kuze: You like Ten, right? But you can't give up Chima-chan.

Kuze: Isn't that pretty silly. *heart*


Page 426

Kuze: It's more unbearable for a woman to be made to stake on her honor.
Kuze: For the sake of the man they love, women will lie. They remain unperturbed with a
      a little grief.
[women will lie even if they don't want to... and they can't stand the grief of doing so
 because they're doing it for the man they love... so kuze says.]

Kuze: I thought you're a guy who would understand that, Akira-kun?

Kuze: Why don't you confess! The truth is you're scared of some other bomb, right? 
      If you tell her honestly, DOH.....


Page 427

Akira: That's what you get for chattering about agitatedly...
* U---wa----- That's what they mean by stomach medicine~~~~~~~~~
Kuze: *Shut up* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* I see...

* Including everything and taking responsibility. Being prepared.
Akira: (thought) Even I'm getting nerves at this time of the night.

* Sooner or later, the wave will come.

* And then----


Page 428


Tomo: GOOD MORNING--------! BREAKFA-------ST!
Tomo: Wake up, wake up-------


Page 429

Tomo: This morning we've got mushroom soup and iwana broiled fish. We have tofu-tomato-and-
      eggplant salad, too! *Wake those stomachs up!*
Tomo: We have seconds, too!

Tomo: The industrial arts club has camp 'til tomorrow, right? I made you a lot of curry.
      Later, I'll make you monk salad. ()
Tomo: Let's have a meal together. Let's eat!

IA Club members: Tomo-chan, please join our club----------
* We love Tomo-chan. *heart*
Tomo: *gyahhahha* No way-------- I'm the golden egg that's the remaining future of the
      Gardening Club!


Page 430

Ten: Ha-----------h *keh*

Akira: ..............
Akira: ?

Tomo: Ne---- Sensei, a river! A river!

Akira: You want to try to get off by the riverside?
Tomo: Yeah

Tomo: Sensei, can I play in the river?


Page 431

Akira: Don't go to the places with swift current!
Tomo: Haai-

Kuze: *ho----* She's really in high spirits, ne----

Ten: ......

* (Tomo) Hya---- It's cold-----

Tomo: Ah, a fish! 
* (Tomo) So small------ It's cute-----


Page 432

Tomo: Sensei------ The fish...

Tomo: .....

Tomo: Ch.

Ten: Don't act like you're in high spirits on purpose.
["Don't fake being so hyper."]

Tomo: ...........


Page 433

Ten: URYA!!
Ten: <bu>

Tomo: *hyahaha* Wah hah hah. I got you back!

Ten: ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ten: .......you

[He calls out to her back.]
Ten: Let's do what happened yesterday.
Ten: That was good.


Page 434

[Tomo turns around to glare at him]
Tomo: But I don't like it.

Tomo: Since it's gonna be weird in the Gardening Club from now on, I don't like it.
* Because I

Tomo: I like you, buchou, but
Tomo: that's only as friends.


Page 435

<grips her hands tightly>
Tomo: It's not that bad. It's just that...
      Let's be as we always were.

[The water rushes around her feet]

[Akira turns around and looks at her, alertedly.]

* I'm deceiving him. 
Tomo: Ne?


[The current is picking up about her feet]

Tomo: Let's do tha....
[Tomo gets caught in the current]


Page 436

[She falls back into the current as Ten reaches out to her, calling her name]
Ten: SA.....

Akira: CHIMA!

* Eh!?

* (text in one-liner preview box)
  Aki-nii unintentionally [or spontaneously] calls Tomo, whose foot had slipped, "Chima"...!
  Tenkawa is!?

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