Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 109

Off-shot: We'll take a 10-minute recess here. The temperature is higher but please refrain
          from gulping down your drinks.
Off-shot: Because you'll be perspiring heavily and taxing your physical strength.

* When I have problems, somebody was telling me to climb over the mountain, but
Tomo: This is impossible.


Page 110

Tomo: (thought) My head is spinning and I'm going crazy.
* (Tomo) Here? Are we getting on here?
* (Koba) We don't have to climb up there.
* I'm Sasahara Tomo, 15 years old.
  I've come to a situation where 2 guys have confessed to me. Right now, I'm in the middle of 
  great confusion.
Off-shot: Sasahara-san

Kashima: How you feeling?
* #2 cause

Tomo: I'm fine.
Kashima: Really? I thought you couldn't sleep last night.
Girl: What's this? Kashima-kun, did you do something so she couldn't sleep? *How suspicious*

Tomo: That's not it!
Kashima: Are? Don't you know?


Page 111

Kashima: Somebody from another section got caught by the look-out.
Girls: A---! So that was what the noise was about? Ikenouchi's really stubborn about looking

Tomo: *hm* Iinchou's suddenly pretty smooth at changing the topic.
Off-shot: Kashima

Akira: There aren't any guys who aren't feeling well?
* #1 cause

Kashima: Everyone has barely had any sleep, one way or another, because of the night watch.
Akira: Oh, that.


Page 112

Akira: Honestly, I was out visiting, too. You're pretty popular, aren't you, Kashima?
       You were probably out talking to your fellow students. *They said the night was pretty
[Note: ???]

* It sucks being the watchdog. To make matters worse, there's no smoking allowed.

Off-shot: ...Well, you could leave for a bit if you feel like it, Shimasen (Shimazaki-sensei's 
<shuffle shuffle>

Tomo: (thought) Dangit. I'm too short.
Girls: *haa.... *heart** The too short one's pretty absentminded, ne.

Tomo: AH!?
Girls: It's Kashima-kun and Shima-chan.

* hanya--n
* huh?

Girls: Tomo, since you're pretty dense, you may not know it but both of those two are pretty


Page 113

Off-shot: Shima-chan has looks nobody could object to. On top of being a private high school
          teacher with good pay and a bachelor, he also has his own car.
Off-shot: Then there's Kashima-kun. On top of being the hope of the kendou club and having 
          high grades, he's got an 'O' personality.
[Note: Referring to blood type, probably.]

Girls: Well, in his situation and stature, there are a lot of girls falling on his feet, but
       he's still growing into adulthood.
Girls: 15 more centimeters! If he grows some more, he'll be as tall as Shima-chan.
Tomo: Haa....

Tomo: (thought) *I see* Aki-nii's living alone now, huh...
[Note: the word for "bachelor" and "living alone" are basically the same "hitori gurashi"]
* I wonder how uncle and auntie are doing....
[Note: referring to his parents]
Girls: But--- Really, Kashima-kun's attached to Tomo.

Tomo: Hmmm... HEH!?
Girls: But, really.. Kashima-kun's attitude is pretty obvious.


Page 114

Girls: What were you and Kashima-kun doing, rustling about in the futon last night?
Tomo: <hack>------------------------<hack>

Akira: What did you say was in the futon?

Girls: Nothing, sensei------
* scared and won't turn around
* eeek....
Akira: Hey, we're leaving. Get back in line.

* He didn't hear. Just now..
Akira: Sasahara
Tomo: <surprised> Y.. yes.

* panda buzzer
Akira: You forgot this.
Tomo: Oh.. *thanks*

Akira: <snicker> Wear that tight around your neck.
Kashima: That's right. It'll come in useful when you get lost in the mountains.

* Ah....

* (Tomo) Why don't you guys line up and stop laughing----------
* (Tomo) Isn't it both your fault that I'm this distracted?


Page 115

Tomo: (thought) Kya.... My stomach!
* It's because we're not supposed climb that way...
Girls: (thought) She's like a "Gokiburi"
[Note: What's a gokiburi?]

Tomo: *Hmm* It's so hot!
<gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp>

Tomo: Koba-chan, if you drink less, your throat wouldn't be so dry?
[Note: She's probably getting dehydrated faster cuz she's gulping it down and retaining less
 water after the work...]
Koba: I'm really thirsty, and I'm not sweating, but...


Page 116

Tomo: Well, do you have a fever?
Koba: Ah.. might be..

Tomo: That's right. Hey! Your hands are swollen.

Tomo: Ikenouchi-sensei, Koba-san has a fever!

Ikenouchi: ....It doesn't seem you have a fever but... Did you sleep well last night!?
Girls: We couldn't sleep because of your look-out...

Akira: Koba, do you not feel well?
?: Shimazaki-sensei


Akira: ...Ah. You do have a fever.
* Ah...


Page 117

* When it was me, he didn't touch me at all-----------------

Kashima: .....

Ikenouchi: *Ara* Is that so?
Akira: You should rest, too, Ikenouchi-sensei. Your hands are getting warm.

Ikenouchi: A...ra. So it seems, doesn't it?
Akira: It'll probably be much faster if she heads back from here...

Akira: Ikenouchi-sensei, I'll take this girl back...
Ikenouchi: I see.
[note: lit: I understand.]

* (Tomo) Stupid. When Koba-chan's having I problem, what am I...
Tomo: Koba-chan

Tomo: Here. You can have some dried plum candy.
[Note: (Yeah, a lot of these, huh?) sucking on candy would keep her from dehydrating?]
Koba: Thanks.


Page 118

* (Tomo) Ooooooooooooh... I really hate myself.
Girls: Tomo, let's go?
Girls: Shima-chan will get there. It's alright.

Tomo: Y.... yeah.

Kashima: Sasahara-san.

Kashima: Do you like Shimazaki-sensei?
Tomo: ...........



Page 119

Kashima: Well, Sasahara-san, you've often been Shima-chan's helper since the opening ceremonies.
Tomo: Th.. that's...
* I'm only working hard for Aki-nii because he's blackmailing me.

* If I say that, it's going to be bad. Really bad.
* I'm the one who said to keep it a secret.
Kashima: And you always look at Shima-chan, Sasahara-san.

Tomo: ------------------

Tomo: Bu.... Eh!? No way.
Kashima: Sasahara-san, you're too honest.
["bakashoujiki" --> too honest]

Tomo: Ka... Kashima-kun, you can't be so perceptive of everybody's feelings...
Kashima: But it's not something to hide.


Page 120

Kashima: But I'm not worried even if you like somebody right now, Sasahara-san.
Tomo: Eh?

Kashima: Having Shima-chan as a rival is ok. He's an adult and the guys think he's cool.
Kashima: There's a lot of things where I can't match him right now, but

Kashima: If my rival's level is high, then my objective has become much higher, and a fighting
         spirit enters into how I polish myself..
* (Classmates) Whoa. Iinchou's gripped fists are throbbing..
[Note: iinchou means "class representative" remember?]
Tomo: Haa.....

Kashima: To sum it up, because I, too, have good potential in becoming a good man, I'm just
         checking in for well-made propaganda.

Kashima: And if along the way, I get set back and become a menial guy, then I'd still have
         potential, ne.


Page 121

* (Tomo) Kashima-kun is funny.
Tomo: *ahahaha* That's bad-- The drawbacks have to be written small towards the bottom of the

Kashima: You finally laughed.

Kashima: You look like 'there's definitely a crease in the middle of my forehead!' since this
         morning. I wonder if it's my fault.
Tomo: N.. n.. no.. It's not your fault.
Kashima: Even if you deny it, you're still sad.

Tomo: .......... *sorry*

Girl: Iinchou---- They said to take roll------
Kashima: Ok------ Hm, well. I'll see you again on top.


Page 122

Tomo: (thought) *He..* He's pretty lively..
* He's gonna climb running?

* It's nice that Kashima-kun's so easy to understand...
Tomo: (thought) If only Aki-nii were that easy to understand--

* (memory of Kashima's words) You're always looking at Shima-chan

* I see..... I don't really mean to, but....

Girls: Mo------ No more---------- Can we climb a little slower---------
?: If we go at this pace, it'll only be another 30 minutes.


Page 123

Tomo: Shino-san, are you alright!? Your face is really pale!?
Shino: .......I'm worn out.

Tomo: Where's your water? Why don't you drink?
Shino: Gone.
Tomo: You already drank it all? Well, then, I'll give you mine.
Shino: ...It's ok.
Tomo: *NO!* Drink it!

Girl: ....They have to discuss even the general gist...
Off-shot: Ikenouchi-sensei! Shino-san looks like she's not feeling too well.

Ikenouchi: Since you came this far, the climb point is much nearer. You can get down through 
           the lift near the roadway from the other side of the peak.

Girl: You should rest for a bit.
Tomo: Ja, I'll stay.

?: If you go straight along the ridge, it's about 15 minutes to the top. Shimazaki-sensei will
   be coming along later.
Tomo: Hai, alright.


Page 124

Tomo: Shino-san, let's go when you can walk.
Shino: ....It's ok. Go.

Tomo: No.

Tomo: Because, Shino-san, your willpower is still weak.

Tomo: Because I'm tough, I can run and go call a teacher. Because I'm small, I won't block
      the view. [field of vision] *ne*
Shino: ..........

Tomo: ...You can lean on my back.

Shino: .... Thank you.

* (Tomo) They say that when you don't feel well, if you lean on somebody, you can feel better.
* (Tomo) It was Aki-nii who taught me that.


Page 125

Off-shot: .....Seriously... This makes you think of your physical strength.. 
          Because you don't really take the reasons of things like these into consideration, is
          what the school says.

Kuze: The kids today are weaker than back then, probably becaues they were much harder.
Akira: Well, I'm going back to the line-up.

Kuze: *heeheehee* Teachers are in trouble, too, ne--- The truth is you just want to take care
      of Chima-chan's problems.
Receiver: This is the tail end of Mihoshi High School. This is Tsukishima. Shimazaki-sensei,
          Which vicinity are you coming from?

Akira: This is Shimazaki. I'm at the first camp right now. I'll be returning to the route from
Receiver: Two of the students from your class are late. Please rendezvous with them and take
          the lead.

Akira: !?
Akira: Which ones in my class?


Page 126

Receiver: Sasahara Tomo and Shino Kazuyo.

Tomo: (thought) *wo-------w* We're really late.
* I can't even see the tail end.
* What's with this rocky place!?

Tomo: Shino-san, hang on. Just beyond this rocky place is the top.
Shino: Ugh..

Shino: I'm sleepy.

Tomo: Eh?
Shino: I'm going to sleep for 10 minutes.
Tomo: Eh-----!? It's dangerous------ *Here!?*

Shino: It's ok.
Tomo: *It's not ok! Let's go on together-----* Shino-san!

* (point to Shino) Really asleep


Page 127

Tomo: (thought) ...Can't do anything about it. I'll rest a bit, too.

Tomo: (thought) I remember seeing a sky like this..

* The sky....
* It's so hi-------gh...

* The green train we rode and the ocean Aki-nii took me to.
* Holding hands.

* Doing that, it felt good... Aki-nii's hand.

* When he let go of my hand, I grasped it once again so tightly.
* That sign was really sad.
[Note: "sign" as in him letting her go.]


Page 128

* Ah... That time I
* really loved Aki-nii.
* Ja... That's why...

* Now?

--------->MEMORY CLIP------->

Akira: Ma. This has something to do with it, too.

<---------MEMORY CLIP<-------

* Ah...

* Are?

* Do you like Shimazaki-sensei?


Page 129

* Why aren't I upset for being kissed?
Tomo: (thought) Ehhhhhhh!?

Tomo: Whoa..!?

Tomo: Shi.. Shino-san?

Tomo: Shino-san, wake up! Steady yourself!

Tomo: Shi..
* Oh, no.....!

* She must be anemic.

* This is bad... She has to steady herself now..
Tomo: Shino-san! Shino-san.. Someone.....


Page 130

* Help....
Tomo: AKI-NII.......

Akira: .....Call me sensei
[is that the literal translation for "sensei to oyobi"? i could write that any number of ways,
 from what little i know..]
* .......!!

Akira: ....Ja. Please take care of her.
Kuze: Haai

Akira: If you and I go on foot, we can catch up in an hour.
Akira: Let's go. Chima.


Page 131

Tomo: ------

Akira: Come on. I won't be "sensei" for a little while. Chima?

* Ah.. This is impossible.

* If I talk
* the tears will come.
Akira: Chima?

Akira: Chi-----ma?
* You only said my name.

Akira: Did your nose and your knee injury from yesterday stop hurting?


Page 132

Akira: Did you feel discouraged by yourself? You did well.

* It's not supposed to be bad.

* But I always leaned on Aki-nii

* Because he's the "oniichan" I love?
* Because he's the "man" I love?

* I don't care which one. I can't help it right now--------
[Note: literal translation, "Right now, I'm going to act like a spoiled child."]
Tomo: U---------------------


Page 133

* I don't know which
* But I love him. I love him so much.
[Note: consistent to prior context.. ^^; "kedo suki. daisuki."]

Akira: *here* Chima, take my hand.
Tomo: I can get down from here all by myself.
Akira: That's ok.

Akira: I want to make up for yesterday, too. Come on.
[Note: lit, "Because I want to spoil/pamper you for yesterday, just cooperate."]

Tomo: If.. If you spoil me too much, I'm going to be an awful person.
Akira: It's alright. You can be pampered but it's not a bad thing.


Page 134

Tomo: Is that a compliment? Or are you being sarcastic?
Akira: I'm complimenting you.

Tomo: What?
Akira: ....You

Akira: You've gotten heavier than before.  *your weight 5 years ago*

Tomo: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<boka boka boka>
<giggle giggle>

* If..

* If he really becomes my "lover", how would it feel like...

Tomo: (thought) What am I thinking!?

Akira: We're going to try to catch up somehow.
Tomo: .............


Page 135

Tomo: Then... you'll go back to being teacher?


* Don't let go yet!

Tomo: Ah.


Page 136

Akira: You
Akira: Ms. Pampered.

Tomo: urk
* He saw right through me!

Tomo: ....I told you already but you still wanted to make up for the accident earlier.
* This is really

Tomo: Aki-nii, for now, you're just
* mortifying
Tomo: such an oniichan!


Page 137

* It irritates me when it's like this.
* It really irritates me. I give up.

Akira: For now... huh.

Kashima: Sasahara-san!? Where's Shino-san!?

Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: She's alright!


Page 138

Kashima: !?

Kashima: ............

ShadowGuy?: Nee, nee.. What do you think about those two?
ShadowGirl: No matter how determined Kashima-kun is, Tomo's just more like a child.

Off-shot: If it's going to be like this, should we help them?
[Note: "to take off one's skin" --------> "to help"]

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