Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onega! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

: text in bubbles
* floating text
> sound
[] translator's additional notes..

Page 140

* The number you have called is currently turned off and cannot be connected.

Dad: ......Why.....

Mom: Ara...

Mom: Well, if that's the case.... Maybe he's in a meeting throughout the morning today?


Page 141

Dad: ...Yukiko
Mom: Hai?

Dad: *Ah... That's why* Have there been any calls from Tomo?
Mom: No...

Dad: No... you say...!
Mom: She hasn't called cuz she's alright. She'll be home by tomorrow evening anyway.

Dad: I'm just so worried....!
Mom: Mou... it's alright, Akira is with her. Don't worry. *Could you take that out please?*

* (point to Akira) And the least reliable Akira-kun.

Teacher: Are, Shimazaki-sensei? Did you just turn off your cell phone?
Akira: Ah...


Page 142

Akira: There isn't anything important I need to tell anyone anyway...

* The last night of the Mihoshi High School 1st year students friendship camp
Tomo: Kimodameshi?

* All that's left is the night campfire and barbecue rally.
* (panda?) Why? Hanging out in furos is my hobby.
Girl: That's right! There's a temple on the other side of camp, right? You can get an ofuda
      15 minutes into the grounds, there.


Page 143

Koba: How do you know that?

Off-shot: The people in the sports clubs know all about it. Every year, the guys from the
          kendo club trade ofudas.
Tomo: Ofuda?

Off-shot: They say they're just like game cards. The students this year are getting the ofudas
          left behind by the sempai from last year. *And they do it all the time*
Off-shot: *That's right* It's a 10-year continuing tradition.

Tomo: Hoe---- Sounds interesting.
Off-shot: Isn't it? You should do it, too, Tomo.

Tomo: Hmmmmmmmmm... But...
* I really like those kinds of things, but...
Tomo: (thought) I don't want to do anything that'll make Aki-nii mad right now.


Page 144

* We have a delicate relationship right now.
* Student and faculty, childhood friends, and just less than lovers
  Aki-nii likes me a lot and asked me to go out with him.... but

* Just been holding it back 'til now

* But
* Do I like him as oniichan? Or do I like him as a man?
Tomo: (thought) I still don't know.

Off-shot: Ne--- Tomo--- They're not doing a headcount. Let's do it----
Shino: ...

Tomo: uh....


Page 145

Tomo: What is it, Shino-san?
Shino: That's not the right bra size.

Tomo: Eh!?
Koba: That's true.
Shino: The cup's too small.

Tomo: Ehhhhhhh!?
Koba: When you buy bras, don't you try them on? *Why, this is only an A-cup*
Tomo: Ehhhhhhh!?
Off-shot: C-cup
Off-shot: Yeah, yeah. I have one.

Off-shot: Tomo looks pretty slender in it, though, ne---
Tomo: Ueeeeee!?
Off-shot: It's because of her child-face and hairstyle and it may be pretty hard to understand
          but it's not really...

Koba: What a great chance! Let's measure your size.
Shino: Hold down her upper body.
Tomo: Fueeeeeeeee!?


Page 146

* GYAHAHA That's for sure!
Off-shot: Hey, be quiet!
Off-shot: Um..... But... Kimodameshi....
* Gee, those two got pretty close pretty quickly.

* Because I've always been like a guy, as much as I wanted to, I was never good at handling
  feminine things.

* Since I was supposed to hate them, this subject never came up.
* (Koba) Shall we go shopping for bras together next time?
* (Tomo) Ooh---------
* (Shino) To Nip's good.
* I just thought, I was pretty stupid.

* I was happy I could think like that.
Off-shot: Sasahara-sa-----n, come sit with us!


Page 147

Guys: Are you guys feeling ok? [Koba-san-tachi]
Guys: Yeah, you both look like you haven't slept much.... We slept the whole day today.

Off-shot: I see. That's nice.
Guys: Ah.. Well, now.. Are you three participating, too? Kimodameshi!

Tomo: Ah... They asked me that... Well....
Shino: Pass
Koba: I don't want to sweat, either.

Guys: EH!? *Koba-san doesn't want to do it?*
Guys: *Idiot. Aren't you the main one?* You're doing it, right, Sasahara-san?


Page 148

Tomo: No... Me, neither.
Guys: *Eh--------* Why------ It seemed like you liked it...

Tomo: hahaha *I don't know why*

Kashima: ....Would it be ok if it was sensei?....

Koba: He's pretty busy with the fire..
Tomo: Kashima-kun...

Kashima: *Ahaha* What? You're worried about that? It's ok. We're not all going to go at the
         same time. They won't find out.

Off-shot: Here. Let's draw a lottery.
Tomo: Eh?

Tomo: No.. That's ok..
Kashima: Oi. Don't force her..


Akira: First
Tomo: Se...sensei!?


Page 149

Akira: What's the lotter for?
Guys: Oh. We're deciding seats for the bus on the way home.

Akira: hoho--?
Off-shot: Sensei, you pulled for Sasahara's turn.

Off-shot: Yeah. Well, that's next to Kashima, ne. That's decided.

Guys: Ne.. Sensei, don't they look good together? These two..
Kashima: Eh!?
Guys: What do you guys say?
Off-shot: Nice, nice.. Shining.

* Wai...
* No.

Off-shot: Their heights balance exactly, too. Kashima really secretly likes Sasahara-san, too.
* Stop it.

Off-shot: *ne* Don't you think so, too, sensei?

Off-shot: <giggle> Guess so.


Page 150

Akira: But they kinda look like puppies, ne.

Kashima: (thought) P.. puppies!?

Akira: And? Aren't all those lottery sticks "first"?
Guys: N.. n.. no way...

Off-shot: Shimazaki-sensei! Excuse me, could you please help us here!?
Akira: Hai
<doki doki doki>

Akira: You guys don't go past the panels..
Off-shot: *ha* Ha--------i

Off-shot: *haha* Safe, safe.
Kashima: Sasahara-san, I'm sorry.

Tomo: They said first.. They said first turn, didn't they?
Kashima: *E?* Ah.. yeah.


Page 151

Tomo: Let's go. We're supposed to go to that temple and get that ofuda, right?
* What am I doing...
Kashima: Eh? Wait? Sasahara-san!?

* What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing?

Kashima: Sasahara-san! It's bad to go at such a dangerous pace!
Tomo: .....

Kashima: *Um* I'm sorry. Everyone was just saying whatever.

Kashima: I'm sorry. I wasn't really thinking, either. If I had thought about your feelings, it
         must be pretty bad talking about feelings in front of those people.
Tomo: That's not it!


Page 152

Tomo: That's not it..

* I understand now.

* He's a teacher. He can't say awkward things in front of students. It's just natural, I know.
* But, still

* Don't laugh. Stop it.

* Somehow, I'm scared that it's just like throwing me out naked. 
* I've become pretty anxious.

* I knew that.
Tomo: I'm sorry, Kashima-kun.


Page 153

Tomo: I love sensei.

* He's not just oniichan.
* I love Aki-nii.

* My body seems to be shouting it out.
Tomo: I'm sorry.


Page 154

Tomo: Ka.. Kashima-kun!?

Tomo: Hol... N...
Kashima: Don't. It's a bad match.

Tomo: Eh?

Kashima: If it was me, I wouldn't make you cry.
Tomo: Kashi...


Page 155

Tomo: NO!

* EH

Off-shot: GYAAAAH!!

Kuze: A---------h, this one's full of beer, ne?
Akira: Duty, duty...

Kuze: Ne----- Can I ask you one thing?
Akira: Hai?


Page 156

Kuze: Why Chima-chan?
Akira: Huh?

Kuze: For a long time, I've thought it was strange. You were popular, you don't have to worry
      even now. There was even Midori-chan.
Kuze: And then, why a companion that's above ethics and difficult?
* This is a like image.

Kuze: Is it Lolicon, after all?
* (panda) Hohoho, you can't deny that strongly.
Akira: Ano, ne.

Off-shot: Hm, well. Hikaru Genji plans?
[Note: Somebody have a reference on this?]
Off-shot: ...About women being monsters, ne?

Kuze: Huh?
Akira: Five years ago, she was just a mischievous girl with close-cropped hair...


Page 157

Akira: I haven't seen her in a long while, but her looks haven't changed. And wouldn't you
       cry of your heart was broken, too?
Akira: When I think if it was like a leaf, it was more like it was on a flower bud.
[Note: eep! Flower talk.. I didn't get it too well.. I think it's her tears being like tears
 on leaves, and they're like flower buds on her? I guess it makes her more beautiful, more
 like a girl?]

* Flowers are flowers.
* Sometime they are blossoms.

Akira: I didn't want to try to make her bloom.

Kuze: That. is. to. say.

Kuze: You didn't feel like letting other guys attach flower buds on her... *That's pretty cute*
Akira: *Geho*
[Note: uhhh... on attachment on the other note, he doesn't want other guys making her cry..]


Page 158

Kuze: But, to Chima-chan... Isn't "oniichan" her steady figure?

Off-shot: ...isn't that so...

* And I kissed her.

Kuze: ? Akira-kun, what's wrong?
Akira: -----------Nothing...

Akira: .......?

* Chima?


Page 159

Kashima: Sa... Sasahara, are you alright?
Tomo: ....Yeah *one way or another*

Tomo: Oh, no! The flashlight broke.

Kashima: .....I'm sorry....

Tomo: Eh?
Kashima: I'm sorry. I was... hurrying you.

Kashima: Yesterday, after you were walking alone with Shima-chan
         you looked so happy.
[Note: "sugge- ii kao shitetakara" --> because you were making a really good face (lit.)]

Kashima: That was pretty uncool.. After I said "I don't care if you like somebody else."


Page 160

Kashima: Don't look at me like that. Ah-------- This is mortifying---------

* Kashima-kun

Tomo: I'm sorry.
Kashima: Don't apologize.
Tomo: *bu*

Tomo: Well, let's do our best. We have to climb this slope.
Kashima: Sasahara-san, stand.............

Tomo: Kashima-kun?

Kashima: Ah.. It's okay. I just twisted it.
Tomo: Oh, no! That's bad! If it's a sprain, it must really hurt. It must be pretty scary.


Page 161

Kashima: Eh... Uh... yeah.
Tomo: Well, as soon as the next group comes, they can help... Ah... That's right!!

Tomo: This! I have this!
* Thanks, Dad!!
Panda: G...

Tomo/Kashima: *

Off-shot: ...Is that Sasahara?
Panda: GYAAAA!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
Panda: GYAAAA!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

Tomo: Yeah, here! Kashima-kun's injured!

Off-shot: Hold on, I'll be right there.
* Are?
* That voice...


Page 162

Akira: What are you guys doing?
* Aki-nii

Akira: Can you stand, Kashima?

Kashima: I'm okay. I can go on by myself.

Akira: ...

Off-shot: Kimura! Kudou! Get down here!
Guys: HA... HAI

Akira: Take care of Kashima. Kuze-sensei's waiting by the back way, so go quietly [secretly].
Guys: Hai

Akira: Are you hurt?
<shakes head>


Page 163

Akira: Geez... Ever since you were a kid, I never know what you're up to.

Tomo: B... but!
Akira: We'll save the explanations and the sermon 'til after we get back.

* *wa-----------* This is so annoying--------
Tomo: Hold on a minute!

Tomo: .....?

Tomo: ...Aki-nii... You're really sweating...

Tomo: Did you run all the way here?


Page 164

Tomo: Hey!
Akira: Ah......... Look, go back already.  This is the way to the teacher's mess hall.

Tomo: ....
* (Memory) They really got yelled at by Shima-chan.

Tomo: D.. Did you come running because you were worried about me?
Akira: What are you [girls] doing!
Akira: You've just pushed the limits!

Off-shot: nee... nee, nee...

Off-shot: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ You...

Tomo: <BUMI>


Page 165

Akira: Geez.. What are you thinking?

Akira: You really want to get kissed?

Akira: ....

Tomo: ......


Page 166

<whistles like a kettle>

Tomo: Hya......

Tomo: You can't come up 'til you count to a 100!

Akira: ...

Akira: Really is a monster... no a demon, after all...

* I... I...
* What am I doing---------!

* Uwaaaa
Tomo: (thought) I can't! I couldn't even tell what I was going to do!!


Page 167

* b.. but
* Aki-nii was really suprised... wasn't he?
Tomo: Oh!
* This is my first win....

Tomo: Hyaaaa!!!!

* Wha... What!? What!!?

Tomo: Ph.. phone!? *and a flashlight*
* I see.. Probably Aki-nii's... It must have been in his way when he was getting down so he left
  them here...

Tomo: Are?
Tomo: (thought) It's the same as the phone Dad wanted me to bring...

Phone: HELLO!?
* Hyaaa..... I pressed on it to talk----------

* Aki-nii--------- Come quick----------

Phone: Akira-kun!? Why did you turn off the phone all this time!! Where's Tomo!? What's going


Page 168

* Eh!? *huh!?*
Phone: Didn't I ask you to watch over her!? Didn't I ask you to keep watch over her all this time 
       because I could trust you!?

* Dad....!!
Phone: Hello?

* Keep... watch? All this time?
Phone: Hello!? Akira-kun!? Are you listening!? Aki..
* What is this?

* What's going on!?

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