Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 1
Translated: Dianne Dimabuyo (DiDi)

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onegai! is owned by Fujisaki Mao. This is a fan translation and no 
money is made off of this.

Notes: These translations are *loose* translations. I've translated them so they make sense, 
not as much as you may understand everything word-for-word. Why? One, it doesn't always
make too much sense. Two, I've been told I can be too strict on it sometimes, and I should
just translate to vernacular. Mind you, I'm still trying to be as accurate as possible. If
you've found a translation that is closer to the dictionary meaning, yet still makes sense,
please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

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* floating text
> sound
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Page 170

Phone: Didn't I ask you to watch over her!? Didn't I ask you to keep watch over her all this  
       time because I could trust you!?

Akira: Chima, your flashlight...
Phone: Hello!? Akira-kun!? Are you listening!? Aki.. *pu*

Akira: -----------------

Tomo: ...What does he mean, keeping watch?


Page 171

Akira: ....Keeping watch is probably an exaggeration. It's just simply paying close attention..
Tomo: Well, then, what about being all this time?
Tomo: Is it about standing guard over me since I was a kid!? Because Dad asked you....
Akira: Chima...

Tomo: ...And so he asked you to stay by my side? And..
Tomo: he asked you to be nice to me?

Akira: Chima, that's...
Tomo: Enough!


Page 172

* I don't want to hear it.
Tomo: That's enough!

Akira: Chima!
<cell phone rings>

<cell phone rings>

Akira: (thought) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ah, it's no use. She won't listen to anything I say..
* Really... It's a bad time..

Koba: Tomo! Are you alright? Kudou-kun and the guys planned for you two to be alone...


Page 173

Shino: Is it Kashima?
<shake shake>
Koba: E!? Did he do something to you!?

Koba: So what's wrong?
Tomo: ......

Off-shot: Tomo?
* u------------------------

Off-shot: Oh------ Tomo! Okaeri! Were you safe!?


Page 174


Dad: To.. Tomo?

Tomo: I HATE YOU, Dad.

Mom: Tomo!?
Tomo: Why can't you trust me!? You have to have someone standing guard over me!

Tomo: You're the worst!

Mom: Ara, ara..



Page 175

Tomo: ........

* I really am a kid after all.


* It wasn't something I could think about..
* Aki-nii's true feelings...

* I thought I could see everything.
* I'm supposed to know best that it wasn't like that at all...


Page 176

* I've been such a kid...

Off-shot: Tomo------- Dinner---------

Tomo: ~~~~~~~~~ ...Don't want any.
Off-shot: Your dad went out! He's going out to play golf tonight!

Off-shot: It's that cream stew you like!
<stomach rumbles>

Mom: Seconds?

Mom: We got married pretty late, your Dad and I.


Page 177

Mom: We had you pretty late, and you're a girl. It can't be helped that he'd worry.
Tomo: ...about what?
Mom: "Tomo finding her prince and going far away."

Tomo: Huh?

Mom: He's worried some worthless guy will take you away from him. He's been worried since you
     were born.
* Don't stifle her. 
* She'll hate it.
* mu-- mu--
Tomo: I see...

Tomo: Is that what what he means by standing guard!?
* What is that old man thinking!

Mom: <giggle> Nee.. I was pretty shocked, too. But Akira-kun was a good kid.


Page 178

Mom: Akira-kun really tried to take good care of you. 
     That's why you don't really have any lonely memories when you were a child, right?

Tomo: ...But... that's just because Dad asked him to...
Mom: You think so?

Mom: A 10-year-old boy who should have been out playing was just acting like an adult...
     You think he'd just try to take care of a kid who could only hold his hand first at
* At that time you were more of a monster than other babies...
Tomo: *T..* Two years old!? Since that long!?

Mom: <fufu>
Mom: But this time, it seems different, ne.

Tomo: Eh?
Mom: Your dad, who can't communicate well, is getting nervous.


Page 179

Mom: Akira-kun might be be thinking of something, right? He's trying to appear calmer.

* You're not so clumsy as to cause panic.
* Do you feel better?

* I'm not going to regret letting other guys have you.
* Were those words true? Or were they lies?


Page 180

* I want to know the truth.
* But. I'm scared.

Off-shot: Kashima. You have a Doctor Stop for your club activities?
[Note: His doctor told him he couldn't participate.]


Page 181

Kashima: Oh, my. This is pretty embarassing.

Tomo: -------------------
Koba: Huh. What a pity.

Koba: Tomo?

Tomo: Um...
Kashima: Ohayo, Sasahara-san
Tomo: Ohayou.. Um.. Your foot...

Tomo: I'M SORRY!
Kashima: Eh.. Uh..

Kashima: This way
Tomo: Oh?
Guys: What's he running for?


Page 182

Tomo: *Hold on* Kashima-kun, running... running...
[I think she's about to ask him *why* he's running or probably that runnng's gonna be bad for
 him, but.. his foot suddenly starts aching and has to stop.]

Kashima: Eh.. Ow....
<hop hop>
Tomo: Are you alright?

Kashima: <tahaha>

Kashima: I'm giving up the summer meets, and just try to get better for now. To begin with,
         this is my fault. I just got what I deserved.
Tomo: But...

Kashima: I might just take advantage of your concern--- If you feel so responsible, then go
         out with me.

Tomo: EHH!?
Kashima: Just kidding. Just kidding.

Kashima: I expected I'd hate it when you told me honestly. I just kept worrying that you'd
         ignore me.


Page 183

Kashima: I spaced out, lost my footing on the second flight of stairs, and got hurt---
Tomo: Ahahaha....

Tomo: Kashima-kun

Tomo: What do you like about me?
Kashima: Your vitality.
[Note: Your energy and happiness.]

* (point to Tomo) was planning to be pretty quiet, but..
Kashima: And

Kashima: The way you look at other people's selves..
Tomo: Eh?


Page 184

Kashima: Look, this is how people are. They don't talk about themselves, but as companions.
         They just gossip; there isn't anything but saying whether you like someone or
         hate someone.

Kashima: You don't fit through that type of a filter. I really respect that.

Tomo: I'm just dense--- I can't see through people's acts..
Kashima: Ah. That could be it.

Tomo: Huh?
Kashima: But, look. It's still pretty cute, Sasahara-san. And if there's ever a guy who tries
         to deceive you,


Page 185

Kashima: they won't be able to force their acting in front of you.
* I really don't know if Aki-nii was acting.

* I only know one thing.
* If I didn't get to reunite with Aki-nii again, we still wouldn't be able to change the past.
[2nd part lit: "we'd be repeating the same thing a long time ago."]
* I was more concerned about acting "like a girl" instead of acting "like myself."
[Note: She was more concerned that she was being girly when she wasn't supposed to be.. instead
 of focusing on her true self.. ^^;]
* Because I met Aki-nii, my current self exists.

<type type type>


Page 186

Akira: GEH!

Akira: (thought) ugyo-- Dammit. I haven't been keeping up at all.
* U----wa---- From the first------? From the first---------?
Panda: It's ok. When I somehow woke up this morning, been typing in the data on the OS.
* Are---
* you----
* liste----
* ning---?

Akira: (thought) Uu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Panda: Before the alpha wires---- Why don't you come maintain the GW?
[Note: I didn't understand what the weird panda said.]

Akira: What am I doing?
Akira: yo

<knock knock>
Akira: Come in--

Off-shot: Excuse me.


Page 187

Tomo: I've collected the journals for the camp.

Akira: Ah... Thank you. You can put it there.
Tomo: Hai.

Akira: Chi..
Tomo: Aki-nii.
Akira: ...Hai?

Tomo: I like you, Aki-nii.
["atashi aki-nii no koto suki desu" -- i like you, i love you, etc.. ]


Page 188

Akira: ....Chima?

Tomo: You said it yourself. I'm quick to panic. That's why I'm trying my best to think more

Tomo: I'm glad that you took care of me. I must have been difficult and annoying to you.

Tomo: I tried to think about how it would have been like if you weren't there. It was really

Tomo: When I think about Dad's expectations and your real motives, I feel sad to the pit of
      my stomach, but


Page 189

Tomo: But I do appreciate everything after all.
Tomo: I just wanted to tell you that.

Tomo: I'm sorry for disturbing your work, sensei. Excuse me.
<bows (Tomo)>
<stands quickly (Akira)>

Akira: What's with the formality?

Tomo: A.. Aki-nii?

Akira: Are you done with the one-sided talk?


Page 190

Akira: If I had told you about my situation, it would have been dangerous.
Akira: I don't feel that I'd lose my job if for the sake of keeping an eye on you.
[Note: Sorry for the hazy sentences. It seems as if it's dangerous because he might get fired
 if it leaks out that he's just watching over her.. and yet he's not as concerned as he is
 over getting to watch over her?]

Tomo: That's...

* I've thought about it, but...
Akira: Sure, it was just a responsibility to start off, but.

Akira: If that was all it was, I wouldn't have kissed you.
Tomo: But

Akira?: ...the point is
Akira: The problem is only about just how serious I am, right?


Page 191

Tomo: !!

* Eh?

* EEH!?



Page 192

* (from outside) kyahaha.. what's that?

* The.. the door's open.


Tomo: N--------- nn----------

* Ah...
Tomo: Aki... ngh...

* -----------
Tomo: ngh..

* (girl1) it is-------
* (girl2) no way-------

* (girl1) so do you want to go together in the morning next time?

* (from outside) Ahahaha...
Off-shot: ........


Page 193

* ha

* ha------- ha----------
Tomo: The.. The door's open.......

Akira: So you want me to lock it and continue on with this?

* No way---!
<dokin dokin dokin>
Tomo: Umm.... A.. Aki-nii?
Akira: I see.. and then..


Page 194

Akira: You're good at being the accomplice...
Tomo: Unya....

Tomo: Akira...

<cell phone rings>
Tomo: Hii----

<beat beat beat>
<cell phone rings>
* It's ok. You should fix your clothes quickly.
Akira: Hai

* Ah. Holds it out.


Page 195

* Dad!?

Akira: That's why I told you from the start. She'll definitely find out.
Akira: That kid isn't a kid anymore.

Akira: She can decide everything for herself.

Tomo: .....
Phone (Dad): To say it simply.. Tomo is... Tomo's my...


Page 196

Phone (Dad): ANGEL! If she even gets caught by some worthless guy... *I... I.....*
* (Tomo) A.. ANGEL!?
* (Akira) Ah--- Hai hai..
* (point to Akira's ear) suddenly can't hear

* Ha....

Secretary: Buchou, please confirm these documents.
Dad: I'll do it later. Later.

Phone (Dad): Akira-kun, wait a minute. Don't hang up!
* Dad's so embarassing-----
Akira: Naa.. Chima.

Akira: Think I'm a worthless guy?
Phone (Dad): A.. Anyway! Even from now, you'll still be Tomo's guard!


Page 197

Akira: Don't be so obsessed...

(Board): You're not worthless.

Phone (Dad): Say what you want. Even if you have to be a monster just for the sake of protecting

Akira: (thought) Just like a guard dog...

Phone (Dad): Akira-kun!? You'll keep doing it, right!?

Akira: I understand.


Page 198

Akira: Let's work together.
[Note: Could be talking to Tomo, could be talking to Dad.]

* It'll just be a secret, ne.

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