Ohoshisama ni Onegai!
by Fujisaki Mao

Source: Volume 2
Translated: Dianne (DiDi)

Chapter 8

Disclaimer: Ohoshisama ni Onegai! belongs to Fujisaki Mao and Hakusensha. This is a fan 
translation and no money is made off of this.

Note: This translation is loose and must not be taken to mean word-for-word, because that
would just be silly and nonsensical, ne? ^^ Don't hesitate to send comments and criticisms,
if it so moves you.

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/Tomo/ He... He's... (I mean..)

/Tomo/ This guy is the gardent club president!?

Ten: (What?) You complaining?

Ten: Hmph


Ten: ...Why do you want to join a club now?
Tomo: Eh? Ah, yeah... I was having a lot of trouble...

Ten: That's right.. I've seen you before.

Ten: There's a rumor that a tricky girl being chased down by the sports clubs is in 
     Shima-chan's favor.
/Tomo/ Rumor------------!?
Tomo: I-I--I-I-It's not like that!

/Tomo/ Why!? I haven't let my guard down in front of people!?

Ten: So? What's your motive for joining?
Tomo: Huh?
Tomo: Ah.. Yeah.. It's cuz the flowers are so pretty.


Ten: HUH?
Tomo: (Actually) It's because the garden is so pretty...


Tomo: HEY!
Ten: Well, what?

Ten: Why don't you join the art club or something? If you want pretty, and anything will do,
     then go somewhere else.

Tomo: I've already seen the other clubs! But none of them was the right one!
Tomo: There wasn't any other club for me until I saw the gardens!


Tomo: You have to trust your instincts!
Ten: Aren't you following that a little blindly?

/Tomo/ Why that jerk----

Ten: You're getting in my way. Go home already.
Tomo: I haven't done anything yet!
Ten: HUH!?

Tomo: Even if my instincts suck, you shouldn't be basing your judgement over me on a first

Ten: ...So you want try out the work?
Tomo: I DO

Ten: ......Well, then. Show me.


Ten: Starting today, I want you to pull out all the weeds surrounding campus within the week.
     If you do, I'll think about letting you join. Any objections?
Tomo: None!

/Tomo/ Huh... 
       ...He said.. surrounding... campus....

/Tomo/ Uoooooooo!?

/Tomo/ He got me!
Ten: Ah, by the way
Ten: Don't go mistaking the cosmos sprouts for weeds.


Ten: You still don't know anything about flowers, na
Ten: Just thank me that it's not a note-taking test

/Tomo/ Don't...

/Tomo/ Don't gloat just yet.. Aki-nii taught me quite a lot about flowers----
Tomo: HERE I GO------
/Tomo/ My legs won't fail me after 10 years of kendou training

Kashima: Ehhhhh?


Kashima: You joined the gardening club!?

Tomo: I'm still a temporary
Kashima: The one everybody's after has indeed quickly pulled away from the field

Koba: I'm sure you'll be free from all those people chasing you in the mornings from now on
Shino: Why just a temporary?
Tomo: Uh.. well... I'm kinda.. gambling in a challenge with the club president...

Tomo: And if I don't win, then I can't join the club. (hehe)
/Koba/ It's nothing to laugh about.
Koba: What's up with that!

Kashima: hmm--- So that's how it is...
Tomo: How what is?


Kashima: The upperclassmen aren't really quite that mean...
Koba: (Ah!) There's still a possibility that Tomo won't get in to the gardening club..

Akira: Get in your seats--- Let's begin!

/Tomo/ I have to tell Aki-nii about my club activities

Akira: Take your seats

/pointer/ Sign that they can't meet today


Tomo: ......

/Tomo/ I'M the one who can't meet with him today
Off: Oi

Off: Oi, chibi!
[Note: I'm fairly sure you're familiar with the term "chibi".. Connotation here would have that
 as "hey, small fry"]

Ten: What do you think you're pulling out now?
Tomo: What do you mean, what.. It's a butakusa...
[Note: I'm not very good with plants.. but "butakusa" is a type of weed]

Tomo: ..



Ten: If you pull out even just one of them, I'm not letting you join
Tomo: Hai... Um, question!

Ten: huh?
Tomo: Are tsuyukusa and tsukimisou weeds?
Ten: HUH?

Tomo: But they're pretty cute! (And I like these)
Ten: ...

Ten: Pull out the seitaka awadachi sou. Those things grow so fast that others won't be able to
Tomo: Sei...?
Ten: The butakusa. Who's been teaching you the common names?

/Tomo/ Ah.. I've heard of that name, too...
/pointer/ Had such a strong impact on her that she remembered.

/Tomo/ It's Aki-nii.

Ten: And what's more


Ten: If you're gonna leave the tsuyukusa, then leave a few weeds around them, too. Those things
     like the shade.
Tomo: ...

Ten: What?

Tomo: Nothing.. You really ARE the president aren't you?

Tomo: (I'm) I'm going back to work!

Tomo: Hm?

Ah.. There's some vinyl cuahgt on that branch.


Tomo: .........

Hmm... Even though Tenkawa-buchou is so mean to girls,
he's so gentle with the flowers

Tomo [thought]: So why was he so mean to those flowers in the vase that one time...

Tomo: Mom!? What are you doing!?


Mom: This? It's not sucking the water up very well, so I'm just opening up a way to make it

Tomo: Why don't you just use scissors to cut it? (Don't be so lazy)
Mom: (It's not like that) They say that water flow would be better if you snap it off by hand

Tomo: Eh?

/Flashback/ "Well YOU can bring them back to life"
Tomo: AH!

/Tomo/ I see...! Tenkawa-senpai was just helping it out
Tomo: I'm not a very good follower...
Mom: By the way, Tomo-chan. You wanna ask Akira-kun to come over?
Tomo: Eh!?

Mom: Your dad's been quite such a nuisance to him, so I was thinking we could have dinner


Tomo: Yeah!

Tomo: Ah.. Got it wrong again.
/Tomo/ What am I so nervous for?

Tomo [thought]: I have to hurry. Dad's gonna be home any minute. And I finally have an excuse
     to call him, too

/Tomo/ Yosha! (Finally got it)

Tomo [thought]: ? I wonder if he's out

Tomo [thought]: Ah..

/Tomo/ His ring tone's the same as ours

/Tomo/ Wonder if he's got the same phone...

/Tomo/ This makes me so strangely happy

Akira [phone]:  Hai, this is Shimazaki.


/Tomo/ Hyaa
Tomo: Uh.. Um..

Akira [phone]: Chima?

Tomo: Uh.. yeah
/Tomo/ S.. somehow
Akira [phone]: Hold on a bit

/Tomo/ His voice sounds so much sweeter than before
Akira [phone]: Sorry to keep you waiting
Tomo: Ah.. Are you busy? Should I call you back?

Akira: Nah. I was just in the furo. What's up?

Tomo [phone]: It's just that I don't get to talk to you in school, so...


Tomo [phone]: I'VE BEEN SO LONELY!
Akira: (oh?)

Akira: Ah, sorry about that. But we can't see each other for a while still.

Tomo: WHY NOT!?
Akira [phone]: I have to write the final test. And next week is the week before the exams so
      students aren't going to be left around school, right?

Tomo: Ah.. ah.. that's right..
/Tomo/ Ah geez. It's that time again--
Akira [phone]: Are you studying for your exams?

Tomo: I.. I am!

/arrow/ She's not.
Akira [phone]: Hmmmm... Heeeeeh

Tomo [phone]: Don't talk to me like a teacher when we're on a private phone call~
Akira [thought]: My, how cheeky.


Akira: Then privately speaking, I can give you supplementary lessons so you can ace your 
       finals.. Then we'll go for a drive
Tomo [phone]: EH!?

Akira [phone]: There's a store in Nagatoro where you can get really good ice candy. Wanna go?

/Tomo/ Ah.. It's a date with Aki-niiiii (kya--------)
Akira [phone]: We can't do it til much later, but just hang on.

Tomo [phone]: Y.. yeah. (I'll do my best)
              (geh!) Dad's home!
/Akira/ What is she doing?
Akira: I'll see you then.
Tomo [phone]: (Ah!) Wait, wait!


Tomo [phone]: Good night

Akira: Good night.

/Tomo/ ho~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/Reflect/ Goodnight

/Tomo/ A caring word, the last greeting at the end of the day
/Tomo/ I'll be happy hearing it from him always

Tomo [thought]: I forgot to tell him what I was supposed to be calling him about.

/Tomo/ Ah well. All I'm looking forward to is the opening of exams

Tomo: UO-------SH! I'LL DO MY BEST!


Tomo: fu----ha-----ha-----
Tomo [thought]: Ah~ Progressed another 15 meters today

/Tomo/ Voices... Is there someone in the greenhouse?
/Tomo/ Ah

/Tomo/ The smell of the smoke.. It's the same as Aki-nii's cigarettes...
Tomo: Aki...

Girl: Please! Think it over one more time...!
/Tomo/ GEH

/Tomo/ N... not again...


Ten: Are you done, chibi?
/Tomo/ Hya
Tomo: Yes

Girl: Tenkawa-kun!

Ten: That's enough, go home. I said I didn't feel like going out with you again.

Girl: Ooooh
/Tomo/ U----waaaaah

Tomo: Why are you so nice to flowers and so mean to people?
Ten: Huh?

/Tomo/ Damn
Tomo: Uh.. Nothing.


Ten: What about you? I thought you were done with being a peeping tom?
Tomo: You should quit smoking.

Tomo: If the teacher catches you, you might get suspended. I know what my conditions are for
      joining the club, but won't you even think about that?
Ten: And who's the one who blundered into it?

Tomo: (Ahhhh Why you) You're the one who's letting me see you like this
Tomo: You were clearly visible from the entrance!
/Tomo/ He's really pissing me off--------

Tomo: Uraaa
Ten: HUH!?

Tomo: Ow...


Ten: Wh..
Tomo: E-e-excuse me
Akira: Is someone there?

Akira: What are you guys doing?

Tomo: Sen...

Ten: What, Shima-chan?
Ten: Don't interrupt. We were just getting to the good part.


/Tomo/ Wha---
Tomo: What are you talking about... This isn't what it looks like!

/Tomo/ Ya... His arms are shaking stiffly...

Akira: You shouldn't be teasing kids.

/Tomo/ K... kid-----!?


/Tomo/ He....
Akira: It's already past 6. Go home.
/Tomo/ He's mad. (I've never seen his eyes like that before)

Tomo: Sensei, wait...

Ten: Geez. What an unaffected old man. Ah well. I feel sorry for you too

Ten: He'll never be able to see you as a woman.


Ten: What the...

Ten: ......

/Tomo/ I have to apologize quickly. I have to explain.

Tomo [thought]: ...He's not here either...

/Tomo/ Where'd he go...

Tomo: Aki...


/Tomo/ GEH! (Ikenouchi...)
Ikenouchi: What are you doing? School let out a long time ago.

Tomo: Ha.. hai. I'll go home right away.
Ikenouchi: ...Aren't you Sasahara from 1-4?

Tomo: Huh? Yes...
Ikenouchi: Don't you take the bus to school?
Tomo: Yes...
Ikenouchi: The next bus comes in about 30 minutes.. so you're still alright

Ikenouchi: There's something I'd like to talk to you about. Come in.
Tomo: ?

Kuze: Shimazaki-sensei, why don't we go out for a drink...


Kuze: Akira-kun!? Your hand!
Akira: Eh?

Akira: Ah..

Kuze: What do mean, "ah"? Geez... You cut your hand with your fingers, ne

Kuze: What is it? Something happen that you had to clench your fists so tightly?

Akira: ......

Tomo: Um... Ikenouchi-sensei... What did you want to talk about... (I wonder)


Ikenouchi: You go in and out of this office quite a lot, don't you. And only when that one
           particular teacher is in there.
Tomo: NGE..

Ikenouchi: I don't know what your motives are. But one usually shouldn't be alone with just a 
           teacher.. no, just a guy... right?
Tomo: Um.. I...
Ikenouchi: Even if that isn't the intention of both parties, everybody else will call upon the

Ikenouchi: And if that is so, whatever the reason may be, don't you think you're just 
           inviting unpleasant results?


Ikenouchi: And in particular since you are all so close to Shimazaki-sensei's age, but I'm
           just looking out for you, so even if I receive your reassurances
Ikenouchi: From now on, I advice you to be careful of acting rashly
Ikenouchi: In the end, you are teacher and student. You mustn't be overly familiar with each
Ikenouchi: Do you understand?

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